Alo House has taught many of our clients to meditate, something alumni personally credits as the greatest strength of their sobriety. Clients discover a newfound freedom through building a regular meditation practice. In our experience, we’ve found abstinence from drugs and alcohol alone to be insufficient. For some clients, the only true way to achieve what is referred to as ’emotional sobriety,’ and to gain relief from an overactive mind, was by slowing down responses to life. According to Evan Haines (Co-Founder), “Building up this ‘non-reaction’ to life through all its many shades of pain or happiness, by sitting in the stillness of meditation, grants us (as addicts) true freedom, and a maturity never before experienced. I consider this to be the true essence of having what is commonly referred to as a spiritual experience, something any of us can achieve, no matter where we are in the scale of life.”

“All a musician can do is get closer to the sources of nature, and so feel that he is in accordance with the natural laws.” – Legendary jazz artist, John Coltrane, on developing a meditation practice.