Meet Carson Winn, MSW, LCSW: Alo House Clinical Supervisor

Nearly four years ago, our team at Alo House was fortunate to hire Carson Winn as a primary therapist. With an extensive background in recovery treatment, a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Social Work, and a Psychotherapy License in LCSW, he quickly transitioned into the role of Program Director, and—as of 2016—is now our Clinical Supervisor.

Carson’s first career in drug and alcohol treatment was in 1998, and for the past 20 years, he has been providing mental health services to individuals, couples, and families affected by Substance Use Disorders.

In recent years, the focus of his work has been in supervision and training of up-and-coming therapists, however, the majority of his career has been focused on the direct practice of psychotherapy for adults.

Carson Winn Background

As in many cases, Carson’s decision to pursue a career in therapy is a personal one. At 19, he was faced with the tragic death of his older brother, a trauma that caused him to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Carson WinnUpon seeking professional help, Carson spent many years working toward recovery, an experience that would shape the course of his life.

It was during this time that he met the therapist who would inspire him to pursue a career in drug and alcohol treatment, solidifying his belief that the best therapists are—or have been—in their own therapy.

Carson strongly identifies as an empath, and believes it is his deep capacity for love and hurt for the pain of the others that fuels his passion in his work at Alo House.

In addition to his background in psychology and sociology, he avidly studies philosophy, religion, and ancient civilizations. It is this love of people and drive for knowledge that combine to make him an exceptional supervisor and therapist.

‘It’s a good life, we just have to show up to it. When I get lost, I remind myself of two simple rules: “don’t get high, and be a nice guy.”’


When he first began on his journey to becoming a therapist, Carson admits he never imagined that the cultural problem of addiction and mental illness would become what it has today.

When he first entered therapy, his primary objective was his own recovery, and he could not have predicted where the road would lead. While his past includes many tough times and moments when he wanted to give up, Carson believes he endured it all for a reason. He can see now that all he experienced has paved the way for where he is today.

Because of this, it is his mission to help others learn to survive their pain.

While the role Carson plays at Alo House is a critical component to our mission, he also cites this work as a great motivator in his own life. In showing up for the service of others he finds his inner strength, which allows him to maintain his own recovery, function as a father to two teenage daughters, and be a committed member to a very large family of siblings, nieces and nephews.

Along with the techniques he learned through schooling and therapy, Carson has found personal ways to promote holistic wellness. He cites nature, creativity, and spirituality as powerful healing tools, and finds comfort and clarity through long-distance running.

It is his firm belief that grief and loss are closely linked to our troubles, and that professional help is the best start for an addiction, relational or familial problem.

While the prospect of seeking therapy may seem overwhelming, Carson provides this simple first step,

“Call someone who works in the field of treatment. And then have faith that the ripples will take you where you need to be.”

Carson Winn is dedicated to the Alo House community, helping clients heal the pain of their past, find peace in the present, and grow toward a future that has purpose and meaning.

Read more about Carson on his Alo House staff page.

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