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Music is a form of communication that requires no common language to interpret. More than any other form of communication it has the potential to override a lifetime’s worth of emotional barriers and boundaries and liberate even the most hardened hearts from bondage in a single moment.

Alo House Records Music Therapy

The power of music is universal, in every song lies a healing waiting to be discovered by the listener, and for the musician or songwriter, a highly potent way to serve humanity and spread a message of hope.

At Alo House Records, we honor the music maker in each of our clients waiting to be discovered. Whether you are an experienced musician, songwriter, or just a passionate listener curious about the craft of songwriting or recording, we offer a unique music recording program twice a month in a high end recording facility with an award winning music team dedicated to bringing out the best in you.

There is a spiritual approach Alo House brings to working with clients on music, one based in trusting the intuition and spontaneity throughout the creative process, of bringing one’s mindful focus to the task at hand, and allowing the inherent basic goodness of our innermost self to spring forth without fear. It is in this way that over the past two years our clients have created a collection of some of the most unique and truly uplifting professional quality recordings. In the process, they have deepened their knowledge of the skill set, all while building a new level of confidence and self esteem.

Our music program is truly one of a kind, encouraging individuality, freedom of self expression, the cultivation of skill, and creation of gifts that continue to give long after the session ends.

Alo House is currently undergoing the construction of our very own multi-service music studio on the grounds of our facility.

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