America On Opioids – A Portrait Of The Country In Crisis

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If you’ve been paying attention to news lately, you already know that our current crisis in the United States stems from more than just political divisions. Opioid and heroin deaths have been surging year by year, to around 50,000 in 2016, more than guns or breast cancer.

It’s a frightening reality that is only now receiving the attention it deserves. It’s also causing a rapid decline in life expectancy across the country, the average age group of those dying is 45 to 54.

Learn about why the human brain is hardwired to say “yes” to opioids, the addicts who struggle to maintain normal lives, and those who refuse to relent in their fight for accountability from pharmaceutical companies.

Inside The Secret Lives of Functioning Heroin Addicts

Inside The Secret Lives of Functioning Heroin Addicts - Illustration by India Hayes

Illustration by India Hayes 

A fascinating glimpse into the lives of four people addicted to heroin, and despite their addictions, can keep jobs and raise families. Some of the addicts believe they can maintain their lifestyle of dependence and are certain that they have everything under control. Experts, however, warn that these functioning addicts are kidding themselves.

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How Your Brain is Wired to Just Say “Yes” to Opioids

How Your Brain is Wired to Just Say 'Yes' to Opioids - Photo by Matt Rourke

Photo by Matt Rourke

As far as opioids are concerned, cold turkey isn’t just going to cut it. According to the findings in this article, due to the chemical reaction in some people’s brains, it’s nearly impossible to quit usings opioids without outside getting help.

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Nan Goldin – I’ve Turned My Opioid Addiction into Activism

Nan Goldin – I've Turned My Opioid Addiction into Activism - Photo by Nan Goldin

Photo by Nan Goldin

Nan Goldin is using her former relationship with opioids to fuel her battle against OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharmaceutical. She makes threats, names names, and takes no prisoners. You might just want to join Nan in battle after reading her story:

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Americans Are Increasingly Becoming More Self-Destructive in “Nightmarish” Trend

Americans Are Increasingly Becoming More Self-Destructive in “Nightmarish” Trend - Photo by: Spencer Platt

Photo by: Spencer Platt

The rate at which U.S. citizens are drinking themselves to death, committing suicide, and becoming addicted to illegal drugs like heroin is snowballing. But why? Well, singling out a particular reason is quite tricky. Nonetheless, some experts believe there is a mental-health epidemic on our hands.

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