The Benefits Of Long Term Recovery

Long Term Addiction Recovery TreatmentWhen you or a loved one are looking to recover from addiction, you’re going to be met with dozens of treatment options or styles that promise to help you reach the other side.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, confused, or unaware of what your best option really is.

One of the recovery styles that you will likely explore is known as long term addiction recovery.

As the name suggests, long term addiction recovery extends the recovery process to span over longer time periods.

Why Long Term Recovery?

Battling an addiction is not something that you will suddenly wake up one morning feeling no desire to use drugs or alcohol again. While you may go into rehab hoping that you only need to spend a week or two in the facility before you’re ready to return to the outside world, short stays in rehab rarely allow the individual to truly address addiction and potential underlying problems.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), most people need at least 3 months in treatment to significantly reduce or stop their drug use.

One of the reasons that short-term rehab stays have become more normal is that insurance policies may only pay for a certain number of days in treatment. This typically limits the time of recovery to about 30 days.

However, the road to recovery is deeply personal and unique. While 30 days may be enough time for some individuals to feel ready to return to the real world, others may only begin to scratch the surface of the kind of recovery that they need.

If they are only staying in the rehab facility for the standard 30 days covered by insurance, they will return to their old lives still feeling the strings of addiction.

Not properly treating addiction can lead to an increased chance of relapse and may result in needing to return for a second stay in rehab down the road.

When an individual can opt for long term treatment, they are giving themselves the proper amount of time to work with the professionals at the rehab facility to eliminate the desire to use drugs or alcohol. They are recognizing that their addiction may not be treated in one month and acknowledging that they are willing to spend more time on the issue.

The Benefits of Long Term Recovery From Addiction

If you’re considering long term recovery for your addiction but aren’t sure if the commitment is right for you, you will want to consider some of the biggest benefits that a long-term stay can bring you.

1. More Time Away From Temptation: If you have friends or family members who also use drugs but are not attempting to get clean, you will probably struggle to stay clean after a short stay in rehab.

ecause you have been unable to fully address your addiction, you may still feel tempted to use drugs or alcohol – especially if it is frequently used around you.

With a longer stay in a rehab facility, you will not be faced with the same temptations that you would experience at home. You can work on getting to the root of your addiction while staying in a clean, drug-free environment, which can increase your chances of staying clean once you leave the facility.

2. Resolve Underlying Issues: Many individuals with addiction also suffer from mental health issues that push them to use drugs or alcohol. If you are only staying in a rehab facility for a short stay, you may have just enough time to detox and address the surface of those underlying issues.

To make a lasting change, you will need to go through various forms of therapy to determine what is leading to your drug use and addiction. This can rarely be completed in just a few weeks, especially when you’re also focusing on detoxing and adjusting to a new way of life.

By staying in a rehab facility for an extended period of time, you’re giving yourself ample time to make a truly lasting shift.

3. Develop New Habits and Coping Mechanisms: Most individuals who find themselves with an addiction to drugs have gotten there because of a long string of bad habits or poor decision making. For many, this destructive behavior has been happening for months or even years – meaning the habits have been formed and it may not be easy to quickly change your way of life.

However, because long form treatment for an addiction focuses on uprooting the issues and thoughts that lead to addiction, it can also help to create new habits and behaviors that are better for you, your body, and the individuals around you.

As you start to discover why you turned to drugs, you can find ways to address those feelings in a healthier and more productive manner.

4. Take Time to Rest: Detoxing, therapy, and recovery can all take a toll on your body, leaving you feeling exhausted and probably unprepared to tackle the needs and stresses of the outside world.

If you stay in rehab for only a short amount of time, you will probably return to everyday life feeling as if you’re not ready to tackle the challenges in front of you.

With a long term stay in rehab, you will have time to truly rest and encourage your body to return to health. With the right amount of rest and care, you will notice that your sleeping and eating habits will improve and you’ll feel healthier and more motivated to complete day-to-day tasks. Once you do leave the rehab facility, you will be fully prepared to return.

For anyone struggling through addiction, you don’t want to rush through the recovery process. As something that has the power to completely change your life, recovery is something that you will want to do correctly the first time so that you do not continue to struggle throughout your life.

With a long term stay at a rehab facility, you can give yourself, your body, and your professional team the right amount of time to make a lasting change.

In addition to the length of stay during recovery, it’s also important to match the treatment style to the individual, such as a young adult program, or a private professionals program that is tailored to the unique needs of each age group.

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