Three Ways To Ask For Help When You Decide To Go To Rehab

Asking for help in any circumstance can be an uncomfortable and scary experience. Drug and alcohol addiction takes over an individual’s body and mind. The addiction can get so out of control that individuals who use substances may seem like empty shells; focusing all of their attention on how, where, and when to get the next fix.

When the addiction becomes unbearable and addicts come to the realization that their lives cannot go on as they have, they will need to ask for help. It is not uncommon for addicts to isolate themselves from the people that care about them most. It is, however, precisely these people who are most likely to help the addicted individual.

There are several ways an individual in need of treatment assistance can seek and ask for help. Three possible approaches of how an individual can ask for addiction help are outlined below.

1. Be Honest

Many addicts will have a laundry list of lies under their belts. When asking for help from someone whom had been previously lied to, it is imperative to be honest.

Connecting to one’s true emotions, especially considering that is what may have driven some addicts to use substances in the first place, will be arduous. Honesty is accepting that one’s ego is wrong. Coming to this realization will allow the addict to move forward and begin the process of recovering.

It is from this place that will allow the person the addict is asking for help to see a fuller picture for the need for the requests.

2. Share Why

If addiction is left untreated, it can result in death. Some individuals will get to a point where it is virtually impossible to see any kind of future. The addiction has spun out of control and the idea of ceasing to use substances seems impossible.

When asking anyone for help with this incredible disease, it is essential to express its seriousness. It is also helpful to express one’s personal thoughts when thinking about one’s future if help is not given.

The severity of the situation is then clearly laid out for the person the addict has chosen as a possible helper.

3. Remember It’s Never Too Late

The person addicts select to ask for help should be someone they think will be the most willing and supportive person, to help guide them to treatment and on the road to recovery.

Seeking help may seem embarrassing. An individual asking for help must take comfort in knowing the individual who was chosen to help most likely is already aware of a shift and concerned for the addict’s wellbeing.

Due to the fact that drug addiction and alcoholism essentially takes over one’s body, most addicts will have broken trust with people, offended people, and hurt people. An addict should not hesitate asking for help because of one’s past, as whatever was done is irrelevant.

Individuals suffering from substance use must realize that it is never too late to ask for help.

There is no quota on receiving help when it is needed. No matter what happened in one’s past, there is always help. Loved one’s of addicts undoubtedly will want them to seek treatment and be well.

Keep in Mind

It is not uncommon for an individual addicted to drugs and/or alcohol to need to be coaxed into getting help by loved ones. In many cases addicts are unaware of the fact that many of the negative experiences and challenges in their lives directly relate to the use of drugs and/or alcohol.

In these situations, addicts will often find themselves confronted with an intervention, where loved one’s of the addict try to emphasize the need for treatment. If, however, addicts come to the realization that rehabilitation treatment is necessary on their own, the weight lies on their shoulders to take proper action and bring their concerns to loved ones, requesting help.

Always remember that asking for help displays a sign of courage and self-worth.

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