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Drug and Alcohol Detox Program

We know how scary the process of detox can seem, as many of us have been there before. We want to make your experience at Alo House as comfortable and painless as possible.

At our Drug and Alcohol Detox Center we manage the symptoms of withdrawal using evidence-based medical protocols combined with compassion and an understanding of what our clients are going through.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Center in Southern CaliforniaDetox is often the first step that begins substance addiction treatment, and it’s an important first step.

Not all treatment centers are qualified to offer detox services, so their clients must go to a separate detox treatment facility first before beginning residential recovery, and then return to start addiction treatment.

This complicates recovery and requires two different facilities, when a comprehensive program would prove to be more efficient and effective.

At Alo House, we offer both detox AND residential addiction treatment at our facilities to make the entire process as seamless and easy as possible.

We have board certified addictionologists and full-time registered nurses on staff at our facilities to manage and supervise detoxification.

This is important because not all substances present the same during detox, and it’s imperative for our clients to understand they will be cared for by experienced professionals.

Removing the Fear of Detox

Many people fear detox and it can be one of the biggest barriers to committing to recovery.

For heroin and opioid users, the painful withdrawal symptoms make it nearly impossible to quit, so they continue using to keep from getting sick. These clients appreciate the fact that our physicians have decades of experience, and use state of the art pharmacology to overcome detox symptoms.

For other substance users, detox and withdrawal from alcohol or benzos is extremely dangerous and can be fatal if attempted alone or without proper medical supervision. These clients take satisfaction in our rapid response communication system.

If a client needs an adjustment in medication during detox, a message is sent electronically to the entire staff and medical team, and any concerns are addressed immediately.

At many other detox centers, patients might wait hours or even days for a response from the medical team during detox. At Alo House, we consider that unacceptable and even inhumane, which is why we make detox a priority.

Alo House Detoxification Program

Alo House’s detoxification services are designed to administer to the severity of the client’s level of intoxication, to achieve a safe and supportive withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs, and to effectively facilitate the client’s transition into ongoing services.

Our 7-day drug detox program can be used as a standalone service, although we recommend longer treatment at our residential facility.

We aim to make detox from drugs or alcohol as comfortable as possible in a safe, private, confidential, and friendly environment.

Our facility offers luxury amenities and includes:

  • Flat screen TVs
  • Private rooms
  • On-site chef

We offer detoxification for the following substances:

Find out more specific information about substance detox on our Drug Detox Treatment Page and about alcohol related information on our Alcohol Detox Treatment Page.

What Makes Detox at Alo House Different

Alo House Recovery Centers is Joint Commission Accredited, which is the Gold Standard in client care and safety.

We are also certified to offer Incidental Medical Services (IMS) which is a supplemental service that provides medical oversight for our clients in the residential level of care.

This means that we have full-time Registered Nursing on-site, Nursing on call 24/7 and our clients see the doctors and medical staff daily.

  1. Comfortable Detox is provided by the most experienced addiction doctors. You will feel as little discomfort as possible and the process is mostly pain free. Our compassionate doctors treat every client with the appropriate medication.
  2. 24 Hour Staff – Our clients see a doctor within an hour of admitting in most cases. Nurses monitor vitals and administer appropriate medications when necessary, and are available and accessible 24/7.
  3. Rapid Response Communication – Electronic communication between staff and the medical team regarding patient updates and changes is immediate, and sent to the entire team regularly.
  4. Joint Commission Accredited – The Gold Seal of Approval is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to providing safe and effective care, and is the highest form of accreditation that any treatment center can receive.
  5. LegitScript Certified – Alo House Malibu complies with LegitScript’s certification standards, which help ensure transparency and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  6. Incidental Medical Services (IMS) – These are designed to address medical issues associated with detoxification or treatment from substance use disorders.
  7. Luxury Amenities – Most of our clients will detox in private quarters with chef prepared meals and have access to flat screen TVs, and other comforts.
  8. Restful Environment – Clients are left to rest, eat, and relax to ease the tension and begin the healing process.

Alo House also offers variable term residential treatment options for those currently suffering from addiction.

Our transitional living environment enables clients who are currently employed or otherwise to continue their daily lives while in a safe environment.

Our outpatient program can also be used as a standalone service if needed after detoxification, while living at home.

If you’ve been putting off addiction treatment because of the fear and anxiety of withdrawal and detox, rest assured that our primary goal is to make it as safe and comfortable as possible for all of our clients.

Call us 24 hours a day at (888) 466-9042 with any questions you may have about drug or alcohol detox.

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