Dr. Jorge Partida: Clinical Director and Director of Family Treatment

Meet Dr. Jorge Partida,

Our Silverlake Clinical Director and Family Program Director. These two titles merely scratch the surface of Dr. Jorge’s role at Alo House. He has been a critical part of our team for four years, and in addition to his work in the clinical sector with doctorate students, he oversees psychological and neuropsychological testing and the family treatment program.

Dr. Jorge Partida: Clinical Director and Director of Family Treatment


Before receiving his doctorate, Dr. Jorge worked with addicted youth and families in Chicago as a Director for Families First, a program of the Department of Children and Family services. He also served the role of Director of Social Serves at Latino Youth, an alternative high school and social service organization.

Following these positions and a lengthy education, Dr. Jorge has worked as the Director of Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment at St. Elizabeth Hospital, Chicago, and Director of Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health at the San Francisco Department of Public Health. It was these positions that eventually led him to Alo House Recovery Centers.

In addition to his years of traditional education, Dr. Jorge has also done work as a Curandero, or a traditional healer. Through this experience he has come to know the importance of connecting to the unseen energies and forces around us, an essential part of holistic healing.

This connection reminds us of our sacred place and strong center that can help us overcome challenges such as addiction. Using this experience and knowledge, Dr. Jorge wrote, “The Promise of The Fifth Sun and A Week of Awakening,” a book integrating psychology with native healing traditions to form an easy to use self-help approach.


Dr. Jorge was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, and immigrated to Chicago at nine years of age.

Dr. Jorge Partida Family Background

As the eldest of six children, it became his duty to care for his younger siblings, and also to take care of his dad who struggled with alcoholism for most of Dr. Jorge’s life.

In an attempt to help, Dr. Jorge brought his father to an inpatient program that he oversaw while working as the Director of Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment at St. Elizabeth Hospital. After witnessing his father’s humiliation and shame, he vowed not to interfere again.

Today, Dr. Jorge’s father has returned to farming in Mexico, a place where he feels welcome and accepted. In the years since, his depression has lifted and he has recovered from alcoholism. It wasn’t AA or any other program that gave Dr. Jorge’s father back his sobriety, it was a feeling of community and a return to the earth.

Through this experience Dr. Jorge developed a new attitude about addiction and substance use, one that we embrace at Alo House: That connection is the key to recovery.

In addition to watching his father struggle with alcoholism, Dr. Jorge has lost many friends to addiction and has seen how a party atmosphere can quickly become deadly.

He has witnessed the devastating impact of trauma and isolation that comes with substance use disorders and strongly believes that addiction treatment is one of the most effective and impactful ways to reclaim a life.

It was this conviction learned through personal experience that brought him to a career in recovery. While he acknowledges that overcoming addiction is not easy, he knows that those who are brave enough to do the hard work of personal transformation will make giant leaps toward their purpose and passion, and he takes great pride in being a part of the process.

It is his mission to help our clients embrace change and overcome stagnation and the pain of the past. He believes that those struggling with addiction are merely trying to find a remedy for trauma and pain, and have turned to a method that is ineffective and more costly than the relief it provides.

“I believe there are many different paths than can lead to recovery. What is most effective is what works for you.”

Dr. Jorge Partida, Alo House Recovery Centers

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