Fight, Flight, Inner Sight: Interpersonal Mindfulness-Based Self-Regulation

Managing your reactions sounds like an oversimplification of handling addiction or traumatic emotional states. However, like any cognitive therapy, managing your reaction can be pared down to a practice and a muscle.

With her groundbreaking therapy, Dr. Meredith Sagan brings a method that empowers her patients to govern their physical, emotional, and mental states, leading to a more balanced and constructive lifestyle.

What is Interpersonal Mindfulness-Based Self-Regulation (IMBSR)?

IMBSR is a technique that helps practitioners identify that which triggers their reactivity, and develop mechanisms that allow them to respond proactively and productively.

Throughout her twenty years as a mental-health practitioner, Dr. Sagan has studied how a person’s reactivity influences their choices and life path. “Reactivity” refers to the fight or flight response that conducts our behaviors.

Unmanaged reactivity can morph into the root cause of addictions, alienation, relationship issues, and other forms of stress that disconnect us from our lives.

By practicing management of reactivity, Dr. Sagan strives to give patients the opportunity to reduce friction in their lives, and access their innate emotional compass.

How Does IMBSR Work?

IMBSR patients work to regulate their physical, emotional and mental states so they are less threatened by their physiological impulses and cravings. Patients learn to identify their triggers, and create strategies for proactively handling the situation rather than being blindsided or overwhelmed.

Through proactive, thoughtful address, IMBSR patients practice constructive engagement and response. The IMBSR method is most effective because it is so fundamental to human ability.

By practicing a positive approach to difficulties and trauma in one’s life, they are able to reshape their experience into one they can control — altering the trigger that once derailed them. This ability to connect with and understand one’s inner self is crucial to connecting to one’s deeper self: the pure and unadulterated distillation of one’s motivations and purpose.

The IMBSR method is simple to integrate into the everyday life of a practitioner. This sustainable, non-invasive practice makes itself available to any scenario that a person may find themselves in on their recovery journey, and can create a framework for maintaining sobriety after leaving formal treatment.

The Alo House and the IMBSR treatment share a similar foundation: connection is the greatest healer for our personal and societal problems. Through connection, we find our purpose and meaning and we begin to thrive.

At Alo’s world-class treatment facility, the flagship site for IMBSR training and practice, Dr. Sagan teaches this transformational methodology in a group setting so that participants can learn the self-regulatory skills to maintain long term sobriety.

Learn more about how IMBSR works and the methodology behind it.

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