Drug Use In Malibu: Things You Might Not Know About This Idyllic City

Malibu is one of the most affluent cities in California. It is located about thirty miles west of downtown Los Angeles, and it is directly on the beach.

Malibu is known as the “home to the stars.” The monetary wealth that makes up this idyllic city is immense. Some of the famous people that have spent time residing in Malibu include:

  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Jim Carrey
  • Cindy Crawford
  • Bob Dylan
  • Frank Sinatra

Though this city is packed full of the “one percent”, it is also, surprisingly overwhelmed by drugs. Due to the endless resources available to residents of Malibu, the number of individuals who use or are addicted to illicit drugs is elevated, compared to other cities in the United States. Additionally, Malibu is saturated with drug and alcohol treatment facilities.

Historical Background of Malibu

In 1929, one woman, named Mae Rindge, owned the entire stretch of Malibu beach. She had owned it with her husband for over thirty years at that point, but then was widowed.

In 1929 Mae came into financial challenges and was unable to continue to solely own the entire 27-mile stretch of beach. It was at that point she selectively opened Malibu up to the public, by inviting a few wealthy celebrities to build beach homes on her land.

The connection between Malibu and alcohol runs deep. During the Prohibition Era, Malibu was actually used quite often to allow the docking of boats with rum. The name “Pirates Cove” was, in fact, given during that era because of how secluded it was and its ease of transporting alcohol.

Pirates Cove Beach is still known as one of the hidden gems of Malibu, as it is rather challenging to get to on foot, but the seclusion and beauty are said to be unparalleled.

The residents of Malibu have historically been on the more tolerant side of illegal substances. Alcohol became and still is a large part of the Malibu culture. Malibu is home to a variety of wineries, with over ten wineries and vineyards located within its borders. The availability of substances, both legal and illegal, in Malibu is vast.

Even though alcohol is currently completely legal, and has been for many decades, when it wasn’t it was still accepted in Malibu. This is true for other substances as well. With prosperous individuals, and flowing money, comes the presence of drugs. It has been that way for centuries.


As is widely known, marijuana has been legalized in the state of California. This means that anyone over twenty-one years old can legally ingest marijuana without a prescription from a doctor.

Marijuana, however, is not allowed to be consumed in public. Currently only medical dispensaries are able to sell marijuana. Obtaining a doctor’s recommendation for marijuana use is not difficult to get.

Dispensaries will be opened for recreational marijuana purchases on or after January 1, 2018. These new policies regarding marijuana are in place for the entire state of California.

Malibu Treatment Facilities

Of the top ten luxury treatment centers in the world, it has been reported that, three are located in Malibu. Since the city of Malibu is situated directly on the beach, it creates the perfect backdrop for one’s recovery.

Water is said to energetically absorb and neutralize a negative charge—having the Pacific Ocean in view from one’s residence can definitely help to create a positive vibe.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, Malibu is full of creative individuals. Known as, “the home to the stars,” it surely maintains a creative atmosphere. Many people who struggle with substance use and addiction are highly intelligent and imaginative individuals. Surrounding oneself in creative energy, while being sober, can help with one’s recovery success.

Further Resources

Drug and/or alcohol addiction is a life threatening disease. It is essential to seek help when needed. Detoxification from many types of drugs, and even alcohol, can be extremely dangerous and should be conducted under the supervision of a trained medical professional.

There are a myriad of options available to an individual in need of guidance and/or support. As indicated above, Malibu offers many luxury treatment options for individuals in need of treatment.

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