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Equine Vision Ride Program

Here at Alo House, we have a riding program that is both effective and one of a kind. While we do a more traditional equine assisted therapy session once a week, even there we add in a bit of riding.

On top of that, we offer one-on-one Vision Rides throughout the week.

The intention behind the Vision Ride is to step into the present moment with continual awareness.  In the Vision Ride, we naturally open up on the horse and begin to use metaphors to see where we are in our lives, how we got here, and where we are going.

Equine Therapy

The Healing Power of an Equine Vision Ride

The Vision Ride is healing on so many different levels. Simply being with the horses is incredibly grounding and helps put you in a different state of mind.

Horses do not live in this mental world that we humans do. They very much live in their bodies and are very honest with how they are feeling. In this way, they allow us to drop into a place of non-judgment, acceptance, and of opening up more to where we are right now.

When you are up on the horse, you have to create a relationship and clear, kind and honest communication. This concept is encouraged to extend towards yourself and others.

In equine assisted therapy we like to use metaphors to help us to see clearly what we are doing and how it is affecting ourselves and the world around us.

We can look at how you are sitting, and holding the reins and being with the horse as an analogy of how you are relating to yourself and others. This is an experiential form of therapy and has everything to do with seeing yourself with more awareness.

Metaphors are Helpful to Relate to the Experience of the Ride

  • What brings you joy?
  • What closes you down and why?
  • Where do you need support in your life?
  • What part of your foundation needs attention?

Another beautiful piece of our Vision Ride is simply being out in nature. We like to ride in the Santa Monica Mountains and down into Zuma Creek, where the natural world is abundant, alive and ever-changing.

Being in the natural world on the back of a horse invites us all to be present, in our bodies, hopeful and honest.

The Vision Ride is a natural and powerful way to find yourself, and just one of the many ways our treatment program is unique.

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