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Intensive Outpatient Program

After discharging from a residential treatment program, individuals are able to begin the next stage of their journey at the next lowest level of care, at our Alo House Intensive Outpatient Program. Many of our clients live in a local sober living home. We work with a preferred network of sober living operators who we believe maintain a high standard of quality in the provision of safe, alcohol- and drug-free environments.

The length of time in Alo House Outpatient program will vary, depending on individual needs. Some of the more intensive therapeutic work occurs in the outpatient phase of treatment, since the client is ready to go deeper into the roots of their emotional disturbances only after the fog associated with the first few weeks of being clean and sober has lifted.

Outpatient group and one-on-one therapy is the continuation of the work that people began with their therapists in the inpatient setting. During their time at the Alo House Intensive Outpatient program, clients will be challenged with more advanced concepts, and given more of the important, concrete tools they’ll need to flourish and thrive in their lives. A focus will be placed upon ‘launching’ the client, and transitioning them into life after treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Program


The Alo House Outpatient facility and professional offices are located on the corner of Kanan and Pacific Coast Highway, The building is nestled in the Point Dume hillside, with updated and spacious group rooms and offices and completely lit with natural light. Point Dume Plaza and Zuma Terrace are both down the street and a great place to hang out and enjoy a meal after groups have wrapped-up.

The Alo House Outpatient center is a place of refuge, where one comes to find the community of others, wellness, and healing. From our center, it is a ten-minute walk to the breathtaking, world-famous Zuma Beach to the north, and in the other direction, a five-minute walk to Point Dume Plaza shopping center, which is home to SunLife Organics juice bar, Lili’s Café, Damore’s Pizza parlor, a Pavilions grocery store, and a Subway sandwich shop.

Intensive Outpatient Services

  • assessment & referral
    One of the most important aspects of truly effective addiction treatment is a proper assessment by qualified professionals. Alo House understands that every person is unique in their symptoms and circumstances, and requires specialized planning in their addiction treatment and recovery process. We provide full and comprehensive assessments for each of our prospective clients, so that they receive a level of treatment specifically tailored to meet their individualized needs.
    Our program is not meant for everyone. At the Alo House Outpatient program, we only accept highly motivated people who are willing to fully participate in their recovery, and who are voluntarily seeking treatment. Our specialty is with strict chemical dependency, or light co-occurring disorders, and not primary psychiatric cases. With our extensive network of resources, built upon a combined decades of activity in the addiction community, we provide clients who do not fit our program with quality referrals to settings appropriate for their successful recovery.
  • Psychiatric Assessment and Follow-ups
    Every client sees a board-certified addiction psychiatrist who is trained to treat co-occurring disorders in one-on-one sessions, first for an assessment, then for follow-ups.
  • Internal Medicine Doctor
    Our consulting physician is a long-time addiction specialist, and is able to prescribe and manage medications to best treat any accompanying medical issues.
  • Case Management
    It is our strong belief that those suffering from addiction need an advocate through the difficult process of early recovery. These early days can be consuming and overwhelming. People need someone who is knowledgeable; who can provide help, guidance, knowledge and support through this difficult time; who can provide comfort and support while the addict focuses on what is most important – their recovery. We provide each client with full and comprehensive case management throughout the entire treatment process: from the first phone call and consultation, to aftercare. We are there every step of the way.
    During the outpatient phase of their treatment, our case management efforts focus on the real-world and practical matters of building a life outside of treatment.
  • Group Counseling
    Group counseling sessions serve as a core aspect of successful alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Group sessions cover a variety of topics such as addiction education, relapse prevention, relationships, and life skills. Groups take place daily, Monday to Friday, and provide safe, structured environments where people can learn about their addiction and receive support and encouragement from others who are also in treatment. All of our groups are run by licensed or certified therapists and counselors who specialize in treating addiction.
  • Individual Counseling
    Individual counseling sessions provide clients with the opportunity to educate themselves about their addiction and work on ways to sustain successful recovery in a one-on-one setting with a licensed therapists, certified chemical dependency counselors, and job counselors. Therapists, counselors and clients collaborate and work together to develop ways to maintain sobriety, prevent relapse, and build a full, responsible life. Each client receives at least one one-on-one session per week.
  • Family and Couples Counseling
    The disease of addiction does not only affect the individual abusing the substance, but the entire family as well. Family groups and private family counseling sessions can provide the addict and his or her loved ones with an opportunity to work on the process of recovery together. What often gets lost in the fights, disagreements, and conflict that often accompany the disease of addiction is the underlying love that family members have for one another. Family counseling sessions provide opportunities for loved ones to connect and fight the illness together, increasing the chances for sustained recovery.
    Family groups and private sessions take place every Saturday, along with a fun family outing, which gives everyone a chance to get to know other people who’ve been through what they are going through, and receive support.
  • Recreational Activities
    At Alo House Outpatient, we provide our clients with opportunities for numerous experiential and recreational outings. These include yoga, hiking, working out, horseback riding, stand up paddle boarding, volunteering, martial arts lessons, and other fun excursions. We believe that getting people involved in these activities increases the body’s natural endorphin systems, which in turn provide people with a substitute for the soothing ‘pleasure and reward’ properties that alcohol and drugs once provided them with. We believe that helping to get people into their bodies, and out into the world, developing a sense of purpose and connection, is a key to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Drug Testing Program
    Comprehensive drug monitoring is an integral component to our Outpatient clients’ care. The level of accountability that is provided by frequent and highly accurate drug testing virtually guarantees that our clients stay sober as long as they belong to our monitoring program. Alo House has partnered with a toxicology laboratory, which – with their state-of-the-art liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry instrumentation and automated laboratory testing processes – provides us with fast and accurate quantitative results. We provide the accountability of testing every day. ‘Point of care’ results are available to us immediately. Laboratory results for a wide variety of substances are returned to us within 32 hours. With our laboratory, we can test for alcohol up to 80 hours after it was consumed. Our drug-testing program is one way that we provide our clients with very high-level accountability.
  • Young Adult Program
    Historically, drug and alcohol treatment centers have been geared toward middle-aged professionals. The trend, however, has been that more and more young people are entering treatment for addiction. The treatment industry has been slow to adapt to this changing demographic picture. In particular, there is a widespread problem today of young people who are experiencing a ‘failure to launch,’ who have no experience in the work force, or with any of the basic responsibilities of adulthood. Becoming employed around the age of 17 is an extremely important developmental milestone that is not being hit by young people today. This problem needs to be addressed head-on in this new era of chemical dependency treatment.
    At Alo House Outpatient, it is our job to help get our younger clients up and running and functioning in the adult world. We do this by teaching them practical life-skills, and accelerating their transformation into adulthood. We believe that we are either reinforcing the problem of ‘learned helplessness’ that so many young people today suffer from, or we are helping them to achieve a state of autonomy. The heart of our work is geared toward helping our young clients achieve the freedom to live their own lives. And we make sure to have some fun in the process — without joy, a sober life is next to impossible.
  • Professionals Rehab Program
    Alo House offers a ‘Professionals Program,’ geared toward those who have either not lost their jobs, who are wanting to re-enter their profession, or who are otherwise considered ‘high functioning.’ The sober living facility that houses those in the professional program is designed to suit an adult, executive clientele. The recovery program takes place during three nights in the evening, from 6pm until 9pm, and one weekend day. This schedule reflects the fact that people are busy putting their professional houses back in order during daytime hours.
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