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Interpersonal Mindfulness Based Self-Regulation

Meredith Sagan, MDHolistic psychiatrist Dr. Meredith Sagan founded Interpersonal Mindfulness Based Self-Regulation (IMBSR) theory and techniques to empower people with practical life skills to self-regulate their physical, emotional, and mental states to connect with self and others for a balanced, fulfilling, and constructive life.

How Interpersonal Mindfulness Based Self-Regulation Works

Through IMBSR, people learn to regulate their physical, emotional and mental states so that they’re less subject to their physiological impulses and cravings. People learn to avoid relapse by identifying the warning signs and proactively handling the situation before it happens.

Interpersonal Mindfulness Based Self-Regulation works by directly addressing the root cause of addiction: our innate human reactivity. Reactivity is our self-protective fight or flight response to stressful situations, people, thoughts, and other input that dominates most of our lives and causes us to disconnect from ourselves and others. Unmanaged reactivity is the source of our life dissatisfaction, feelings of alienation, relationship problems, and other forms of stress that lead us into addiction.

IMBSR targets the underlying problem of disconnection by teaching the practical life skills to manage reactivity, the foundational obstacle to inner and interpersonal connection. Consistently practicing non-reactivity dramatically reduces friction, and we instead feel more connected with ourselves, others, and the world around us.

From a state of self-regulation, we access our inner compass that guides us through life’s circumstances and relationships. We are able to constructively respond to anything we encounter in life, instead of reacting counterproductively.

Methodology Behind Interpersonal Mindfulness Based Self-Regulation

Dr. Sagan’s innovative methodology is powerfully effective because it provides an incremental, stepwise pathway out of reactivity using our fundamental abilities to move through any situation in life, to achieve a desired outcome.

Anyone willing to learn the methodology can learn to get into deeper levels of self-connection to uncover their purpose and passion that serves as an intrinsic motivation to stay on the pathway to sobriety.

As an added benefit, the techniques are easily integrated into people’s everyday lifestyle, making it a sustainable practice that keeps people on track as they are on the road to recovery, and helps to maintain sobriety after leaving treatment.

Alo and IMBSR share the belief that connection is the greatest healer for our personal and societal problems. In connection we find our purpose and meaning, and we begin to thrive. Alo is a living example of the technique because at Alo, we believe in stabilizing brain chemistry – the first step to inner connection – and believe in progressing as an interconnected team to teach people the personal growth skills for self-regulation and connection.

At Alo’s world-class treatment facility, the flagship site for IMBSR training and practice, Dr. Sagan teaches this transformational methodology in a group setting so that participants can learn the self-regulatory skills to maintain long term sobriety.

About Dr. Sagan


Meredith Sagan, MD is a UCLA Semel Institute trained Psychiatrist who is on the cutting edge of the integrative medicine movement. For over 20 years, and in tandem with her mainstream career as a child, adolescent and adult Psychiatrist, Dr. Sagan developed her capacities as a medical intuitive by studying with shamans, spiritual leaders, and yoga masters from around the world in order to find ways to heal mental disorders naturally.

Dr. Sagan found that the common cause of people’s stress anxiety and mental health issues stem from a lack of alignment with the core self. Bringing people into greater alignment with themselves could cure the symptoms of mental health issues, addictions, trauma and anxiety.

With extensive expertise in psychiatric medication management, homeopathy, and mind-body medicine psychotherapies, Dr. Sagan offers a unique combination of treatments to help you or your loved one find stability, peace and balance, both safely and effectively. The client will develop a deep understanding of themselves through mind-body techniques that are also designed to eventually replace medication if practiced regularly.

Dr. Sagan also specializes in treating:

  • Adjustment Disorder
  • PTSD
  • Psychiatric Diseases
  • Addiction
  • Schizoaffective Disorder
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Psycho-spiritual crises.

She attended Medical School at Tulane University School of Medicine and Completed 2 Residency’s at LA Co Harbor UCLA Medical Center and Tulane School of Medicine and has over 2 decades of experience in East West Integrative Therapies and Psychiatry. Dr. Sagan’s pioneering holistic psychiatry program is designed to give clients tools that will last a lifetime.

Find out more information on Alo Recovery’s Treatment Program or learn more about Dr. Meredith Sagan

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