Legal Heroin – Chasing The Wagon

Hey, Everybody.

Hope all of you are well and thriving. I thought of calling this blog ‘The Open-Minded Report.’ If your interest is sobriety/recovery, and you’re open-minded, I think you will most likely be relieved to read my musings. You are not alone, and no, you aren’t crazy.

On the other hand, if you are a close-minded Southern Californian AA Fascist, you will probably hate most of my thoughts. For example… The Steps are NOT the Ten Commandments. So why do you treat them like they are?

These days, AA is doing more to turn people off and confirm suspicions of it being a cult than it is to excite and inspire people to dive into a life of recovery. But I digress…

I think there’s one idea that ought to unite us all, regardless of your flavor of sobriety, or philosophy of recovery… so-called Harm Reduction. It’s a con in my opinion.

I have seen the suffering and degradation is causes: the confusion it brings to the 12-Step community about who is sober and who is not; the irrational fear of detox, where the list of medications designed to help you avoid actually experiencing any withdraw symptoms grows longer and longer every year; and just generally, the lies and danger and horror it is causing.

The medical profession and pharmaceutical industries drive the use of Suboxone and Subutex. This is code for ‘profitable to doctors and drug companies.’ They are putting young people on maintenance!

I don’t know if you need to be a junkie to know how crazy that is. But it’s very crazy, trust me. Crazy that we wouldn’t give these kids a chance to lead a sober life, free of drugs.

Even the drug companies who manufacture the stuff, in their original marketing material, specifically targeted older, ‘inveterate’ addicts with little chance of recovery.

Anyway, a quick Google search for ‘Suboxone Doctors’ will give you a little taste of the scale of this thing – it’s ginourmous. These doctors have clinics with up to 200 patients. So imagine if each of those clients are paying $1,000 dollars a month to be poisoned and sent to purgatory by Big Pharmacy, who hides behind reports of Subuxone’s ‘life saving effectiveness’.

Of course, the drug companies, themselves, commission these reports. Their PR teams plant stories, and I’m sure even get involved in the comments section of your favorite online news sources.

It’s a modern day Snake Oil scam writ large, messing up the lives of society’s most defenseless folks – the sick, spun-out, desperate opiate addict. I would bet money that the doctors who pose as abstinence-based 12-Step supportive healers by day – here along the stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway that runs through Malibu, now referred to as the ‘Rehab Riviera – have two or three or four Suboxone maintenance dispensaries by night.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are the worst kind of hypocritical cynics one could ever encounter. What frauds they are! These men (and some women) know nothing of addiction. They are the Snake Oil salesmen of the 21st Century. I implore that you who have survived the horror and nightmare of Suboxone start letting your experience be known.

Speak your truth, loudly, to every addict within shouting distance. There is no hell worse than being stuck on 24 or 32 milligrams a day of this stuff, with no hope of getting clean, enslaved to the poison machine your doctor put you on, a doctor who took the Hippocratic Oath, pledging, ” I will do no Harm.” Motherf#&!ing lying sacks of shit.

Love n Peace,

The longtime partner of Dr. Drew Pinsky, Bob has helped countless alcoholics and addicts get sober and find their purpose. Bob Forrest is considered to be one of the finest drug counsellors living today, assisting everyone from award winning celebrities to struggling teens. His success in connecting with clients and their loved ones can directly be attributed to his knack for communicating from an honest place of understanding and compassion.

An addict himself, and a former resident at multiple rehabilitation centers, Bob Forrest knows that while safety, containment and repetition help, they aren’t the keys to recovery. In 1996 when he got clean, Bob started developing an innovative and individualized structure for the treatment of addiction.

Bob helps our clients come to a place where they feel they are really, finally accepting personal responsibility for their own recovery. By being in a less restrictive living situation — a positive, supportive living environment, in which they have to really want sobriety — clients become willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve and maintain their recovery. In this sort of an atmosphere, they aren’t just sitting around, but living free with their peers in a supportive, low-pressure, non-judgmental, hands-on recovery setting, a real home, in which they can actively participate in their own individual journeys into sobriety.

“I want to treat addicts with dignity, love and compassion. I’m going to be honest with them. I’m not going to be mad at them if they don’t like what I’m trying to help them accomplish. If they fail or stumble or are defiant, I’m not going to get into arguments with them. I just want to love, help, encourage, nurture and steer people in a more positive direction of life.”