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Luxury Rehab Treatment Center in Malibu, California

Perched high atop a hill overlooking Broad Beach with unobstructed 180-degree views of the Pacific Ocean, this exclusive home feels more like a private beach retreat than a luxury rehab treatment center in Malibu.

Don’t be fooled by the rich boutique feel. This high-end detox/inpatient residence comes complete with all the comprehensive recovery services one would expect from an award-winning treatment center like Alo House.

Our clients come to us because they’re serious about addiction recovery, and our evidence-based program combined with a unique Compassionate Care Model® affords them the best chance for success.

While the luxury Malibu treatment program is a good fit for anyone honest about their recovery, it is especially well suited for executives and professionals attracted to an exclusive and ultra-private treatment experience, replete with an in-house chef and private swimming pool.

Located in the hills of West Malibu, this Alo House home is Joint Commission Accredited, so our clients can rest assured they will receive the Gold standard of safety and care.

The exclusive Alo House treatment program is comprised of a doctor onsite seven days a week, licensed psychologists and therapists, a registered dietitian and 24/7 nursing.

A specialized team is essential for administering medical detox and residential recovery for professionals and people who are interested in intense clinical services while in a private, quiet setting consisting of only 6 beds.

We are also certified to provide Incidental Medical Services (IMS) to respond to issues related to detox or substance use addiction.

Our highly experienced clinical team is skilled in all aspects of addiction treatment and recovery including:

  • Medical Detox
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Substance Addiction (opioids, heroin, cocaine, meth, prescription pills)
  • Dual Diagnosis (co-occurring disorders of depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADHD, PTSD)
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Aftercare Planning
Luxury Rehab Malibu

Our Rehabilitation Philosophy Is Based On Providing Non-Judgmental, Loving Support For Our Clients

Luxury Rehab Program

Clients residing in our Malibu house will receive the same benefits we extend to all of our clients, except in a more exclusive and private setting.

In addition to the comfy interior with open floor plan, multiple fireplaces, and unobstructed views from almost every room in the house, several outdoor landings offer a place to soak in the sunshine and relax in the fresh air.

All Alo House programs follow strict rules of privacy and confidentiality outlined by HIPAA, and that includes this sanctuary by the sea.

Detox Services

For those requiring detox, this will be the first phase of treatment. Unlike many other recovery centers, we are licensed and qualified to offer detoxification services in-house, so our clients don’t need to detox offsite and then return after completion.

This offers a more cohesive recovery experience, and we’ve found our clients positively respond to staying in the same familiar environment throughout treatment.

Our goal is to create a safe and comfortable climate where withdrawal symptoms are kept to a minimum during the 7 to 14 days required to complete the process.

Treatment Program

Alo House specializes in a non 12 step treatment program that has proven to be highly successful for those with a wide variety of addictions including alcohol, and extending to all substances such as heroin, opiates and opioids, cocaine, meth, and prescription medications.

We incorporate individual and group therapies with evidence-based treatment modalities that have shown the most promise according to clinical studies.

Most 12 step programs like AA are based almost exclusively on group therapy meetings. These work well for aftercare maintenance but they don’t include many of the important tools and techniques we feel are necessary components for lasting recovery. Nonetheless, group therapy is an important component of our program.

For those who would like to attend, we offer 12 step meetings and alternative 12 step meetings, either during treatment or after they leave our program. We offer a wide array of recovery support meetings based on individual needs.

In addition to groups, Individual Therapy is an important part of our curriculum because each person has their own personalized circumstances that form the basis for their addictive personality and motivation. We’ve found that identifying the root causes of each person’s addiction can be more easily determined in individual therapy.

Luxury Drug Rehab in Malibu

Evidence-Based Treatment Modalities

We integrate evidence-based treatment modalities within both individual and group therapies because of their proven efficacy. These have shown to work based on peer-reviewed scientific evidence within the addiction community.

Some of the most popular treatment modalities we use include:

  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Neurofeedback
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Trauma Therapy/EMDR
  • Equine Therapy and Horseback Riding

In addition to these modalities, we also utilize Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT) to teach our clients coping skills to identify and mitigate triggers or cravings that might become problematic after treatment. Understanding how best to use these coping mechanisms will prove to be beneficial after treatment and for the rest of their life.

Aftercare Planning is another important aspect of our treatment program that involves transitioning back into the world after leaving our facility and finding the best sources to continue recovery in a safe and secure environment. This also includes Career and Financial Counseling for those who need assistance getting their life back on track.

Studies have shown that the longer a person stays in treatment, the better their chances are for having a successful outcome. Our residential program recommends a minimum of 30 days and can be extended to 60 or 90 days and beyond.

For those who are ready to complete the residential phase but still require additional work, we offer an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that is a continuation of the work already accomplished during treatment, but with a much less demanding schedule.

All of this is considered part of aftercare planning and is geared toward ensuring success in recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

An important aspect of our program involves dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder treatment for those with an addiction combined with a mental health issue such as depression or bipolar.

Common dual diagnosis conditions include:

  • Depression and Addiction
  • Bipolar Disorder and Addiction
  • Anxiety and Addiction
  • ADHD and Addiction
  • PTSD and Addiction

Many recovery programs do NOT offer dual diagnosis treatment because it requires additional medical knowledge and attention by a staff experienced in both addiction and mental health conditions.

Treating addiction issues alone without addressing the mental health disorders will almost invariably prove unsuccessful, and is often a major cause of relapse.

Our treatment team is comprised of Doctorate and Masters level clinicians who are fully qualified to work with clients who have a combination of addiction and mental health issues. Because of their unique qualifications, they understand that treating both issues simultaneously offers the best chances for overcoming both complications.

Luxury Treatment Center in Malibu

Compassionate Care Model

At Alo House, one of our primary missions, along with providing effective treatment, is to embrace a model of compassionate care with all of our clients, and extend a genuine care and concern for their struggles and healing.

We strive to provide an environment that is not just luxurious and comfortable, but also blanketed in support and love. We feel we get the best outcomes when we show respect and an authentic desire to help those who want, and need, help during a difficult time in their life.

This is called the Compassionate Care Model® of addiction treatment and it is one of the most effective tools in our program because people respond in kind when shown a nurturing and genuine care about their condition.

Our motto, “connection, not control,” is the basis for engaging with our clients and showing them the dignity and respect they deserve.

We make it a priority that each person is allowed to heal in an environment where they feel comfortable and safe.

To find out more about our luxury rehab program in Malibu, California, call us toll-free at (888) 595-0235

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