Managing the Transition to Spring

Spring is a season of dynamism and action. The long hibernation season is waning, the light lasts longer, and days are teasing us with warm afternoons.

It’s tempting to bust out your bathing suit and co-opt a sunray — we get it. Before you start digging through your summer clothes, it’s important to take stock of what the season has in store.

We’ve rounded up 5 of our best tips to get your Spring season started:

1. Don’t Shed Your Layers

The winter wreaks havoc on your immune system, and the first hit of sunshine isn’t going to bring you back to 100% (your mood, of course, is a different story).

Resist the urge to interpret the shining sun as a chance to bare your arms and sun your neck.

Removing too many layers while it’s still chilly out may make your immune system more susceptible to a bug — not a fun way to start off Spring.

2. Keep a Tight Schedule

Daylight savings, more daylight, more energy, more excitement: all of these are the hallmarks of the spring season.

They are also circadian disruptors, and can negatively impact your sleep and your schedule.

When the sun starts to shine, take advantage of the longer days, but don’t give up your regimented routine — your cognitive functions (attention, memory, etc.) will thank you.

3. Allergies and Air Quality

Say it with us now: hay fever. You never know how hard it’s going to hit, only that it lays in wait ready to stuff itself into your sinuses.

Warmer weather brings the buds out, and the corresponding pollen production irritates your eyes, nose, and throats.

Mild spring rains can also promote mold growth — another potent irritant. Unfortunately, there’s no sure-fire way to avoid hay-fever, but you can lessen its impact by washing your hands and clothes after being outside, and use a dehumidifier in areas prone to dampness.

4. Include Bitter, Sour, and Wild Foods Into Your Diet

Our bodies shift in the springtime too. Your metabolism slows in the winter, so the oncoming spring is usually met with increased insulin production, metabolism, and correspondingly, a bigger appetite.

Indulge your appetite! According to ayurveda, bitter and sour foods invigorate the liver and other organs associated with the springtime.

Eating wild foods means you are consuming them at their peak nutrition, and supplying your body with supercharged ingredients which is great for supplementing your winter-weakened immune system.

5. Move It!

Everything is waking up, your body included. Often, we interpret these changes as feeling antsy or restless.

As we transition from the quiet reflection of winter to the outward expansiveness of spring, we are shedding a period and some itching is to be expected.

Move your body in order to better integrate the seasonal shift into the everyday — and to prepare for summer adventures!

Spring is a time for celebration and excitement, but also mindful choices. It’s tempting to jump right into the frolic of spring, but in order to best prepare your body and mind, take it slow.

Moving gradually into the season sets a strong foundation for the explosive summer months.

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