Marley Cohn’s Journey that Led Her to Drug Addiction Therapy and Alo House

It is often those who have experienced struggle first-hand who, in turn, choose to help others for a living. We are all familiar with these inspiring stories: the mother who lost a child to drunk driving becoming a MADD activist; the child with a parent battling cancer going to school for cancer research; the person whose sibling took their own life founding an anti-suicide foundation.

These are the types of stories that help us to make sense of life’s difficulties, the ones that give us hope that everything happens for a reason.

At Alo House, we are proud to have an abundance of these stories to tell. Many of our staff members have a long history with addiction, whether first-hand or by witnessing the struggles of those they love.

In the case of Marley Cohn, Alo House primary therapist, her decision to work with those with substance use disorders is certainly no coincidence.

Marley Cohn - Alo House Primary Therapist

Marley’s journey to becoming a therapist specializing in addiction was born out of her admiration for her father, who has been sober and in recovery for 29 years. In witnessing his strength and resilience in his sobriety, she felt called to work in addiction therapy when she was a young girl.

She has long known that her purpose in life was to help others heal. In addition to this impactful experience at home, she has also watched many friends battle addiction, some of them losing their lives due to drugs and/or alcohol.

Marley Cohn

Marley Cohn









It was these experiences that fueled Marley’s decision to complete her Masters in Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy. We feel very fortunate that this degree ultimately led her to Alo House, where she practices both individual therapy and group therapy.

“I absolutely love this place. I believe we have a special community at Alo and that everyone who ends up here has some pretty good karma.” – Marley Cohn, one Alo House Recovery Center’s Therapists

Marley Cohn - Alo House Primary Therapist

In the two years that Marley has worked as a therapist at Alo House, she has found a new strength and confidence in her own life, and cites her work in addiction therapy as a major component to her growth as an individual.

Marley’s best advice for someone working toward recovery or helping a loved one struggling with addiction is, “Be kind and gentle to yourself through this process.”

Through her work, it is apparent that she wholeheartedly believes in this sentiment. Her uplifting and patient attitude helps create the calming, positive environment we maintain at Alo House, making her an essential part of our team!

Marley Cohn

Read more about Marley Cohn on her Alo House staff page.

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We believe trust, meaningful connections, and kindness are the essentials to beginning a journey in recovery. We are dedicated to providing an honest, authentic, and genuine treatment environment that gives our clients a unique opportunity for healing.

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