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non 12 step rehabilitationAlo House Recovery Centers operate our non 12 step rehab treatment programs in Los Angeles and Malibu California with the central belief that there are many effective paths to recovery. While a traditional 12 Step Model works for may people, it does not represent the only or even the best path for all.

Alo House does not discourage our clients from attending 12-Step Meetings. In fact, we welcome it. However, we are not a 12-Step Program, as we do not teach the steps, study the ‘Big Book,’ or follow any of the other reading material in our program. As Bill Wilson, the co-founder of AA stated himself in 1944, “the roads to recovery are many.”

Our non 12 step treatment centers model can best be described as a client centered, integrative and intentional community based approach to health and recovery.

Treatment at Alo House Recovery Centers usually begins with a process of detoxification. This phase of treatment varies in duration from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on substances ingested and mental status.

Clients must be medically stabilized and substances must be eliminated from the body in order to be able to address underlying emotional and mental health issues.

Once the detox phase is complete, clients begin participating in treatment activities.

Some of our non 12 step rehab treatment activities include:

  • Individual therapy sessions with board certified therapists
  • Process group sessions
  • Holistic and adjunct approaches to treatment
  • Regular trips to the gym, yoga, and much more

Our model of recovery represents our unique healing culture and theory of treatment. We have created an evidenced based, client-centered model, which treats the entire self by integrating mind, body, and spirit. We employ an empowerment model to guide clients towards their identified, intended path.

Individualized Non 12 Step Rehab Treatment Program

We treat each client on case by case basis.

No two people are alike and addiction impacts everyone differently. At Alo House Non 12 Step Treatment Centers, we treat each client and the underlying family and mental health concerns frequently found below the level of the addiction.

We rely on the solid bond of a loving and supportive therapeutic relationship, which starts the moment our client calls for help. Even before our clients arrive, our clinical and support staff reaches out to evaluate the client’s needs and take into consideration the relationships with family and loved ones.

By understanding the psychological and social factors impacting our clients, we are able to create an individualized treatment plan designed to address the comprehensive and total needs identified.

Our Client Centered approach to treatment allows us to effectively treat a broad range of issues and individuals from diverse walks of life.

We are able to treat young men and women as they launch into the promise of their future, just as effectively as we are able to treat mature adults experiencing life transitions resulting from change in careers, marital status, or simply from liberating the weight of the past.

Our unique approach to non 12 step treatment can help even when clients have experienced:

non 12 step treatment

  • Multiple failed treatment episodes
  • Complex mental health issues
  • Complex addiction issues
  • Years attempting to stop using

We recognize that sobriety, while an important part of recovery, does not represent all of what is needed to sustain health and wellness.

Our treatment program, therefore, creates a pathway to success and independence guiding clients to achieve education, significant employment, career growth, independent living, and self-actualization.

Non 12 Step Rehab Treatment with Co-Occurring Disorders and Dual Diagnosis
Doctorate and Masters level clinicians

In many instances, individuals struggling with addiction are also struggling with an underlying mental health disorder. This is what is mean by a Co-Occurring Disorder or Dual Diagnosis. Either substance abuse or mental illness can develop first.

A person experiencing a mental health condition may turn to drugs and alcohol as a form of self-medication in order to improve or block out troubling mental health symptoms.

Abusing substances can also lead to serious mental health problems because of the effects drugs have on a person’s moods, thoughts, brain chemistry and behavior.

At Alo House Recovery Centers, we recognize that addiction is a complex disorder with varied root causes. In many instances, addiction became an imperfect solution and ineffective response to multiple and profound injuries of the self.

Our Clinical Team, comprised of the best leaders in the field of recovery and mental health, include licensed Doctorate and Masters level clinicians who have dedicated their professional practice to the treatment of addiction, and behavioral health.

Addiction becomes an ineffective coping system and response to the experience of:

  1. Chronic depression
  2. Abuse
  3. Childhood injuries
  4. Abandonment
  5. Other mental health concerns

By treating the mental health aspects that often lay at the bottom of addiction, the addictive coping response becomes unnecessary and ineffective.

Mental health, recovery, self-esteem, and empowerment are cornerstones of our non 12 step approach to treatment. We recognize that isolation and separation create the basis of addiction. We, therefore provide guidance and support to reintegrate clients to achieve, grow, create, and soar.

Contact us for more information about Alo House Non 12 Step Rehab Treatment Programs in Los Angeles and Malibu, California at (888) 467-9792.

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