6 Podcasts to Inspire Your Recovery Journey

You’ve likely heard the old adage ‘You are what you eat,’ but did you know that this idea applies to more than just food? Just like how what you eat affects your body, what you listen to impacts your mind.

The effect that music has on our brains has been widely researched, and most studies report the same findings.

Listening to music you enjoy increases blood flow, boosts brain function, and stimulates the pleasure center in your brain by releasing dopamine.

In short, a good playlist has the power to naturally elevate your mood.

Recovery Podcasts

With the popularity of podcasts on the rise, experts are asking a new question: How does storytelling affect our brains?

In a study of MRI data collected from volunteers listening to “The Moth” podcast, researchers found that both hemispheres of the brain engage while listening to a narrative.

These findings confirm that it is, in fact, possible to get lost in a story.

With the powerful impact storytelling has on the brain, it’s important to consume content that reflect ours beliefs, goals, and values.

While in recovery, choosing to listen to recovery-based podcasts will inspire your sobriety while providing a sense of connectedness, ultimately strengthening your recovery journey.

Here is a List of Our Top 6 Podcasts for Those in Recovery

1. Recovering From Reality with Alexis Haines

Alexis Haines, previously known by her maiden name, Alexis Neiers, began her recovery journey at age 19. After facing 6 years in a correctional facility on burglary charges due to her involvement in the “Bling Ring,” Alexis made the decision to get clean and sober.

Alexis believes in the power of connection and has made it her mission to reduce the stigma surrounding addiction.

Her podcast, Recovering from Reality, creates a safe space for those working to grow from mistakes, heal from trauma, and find peace in recovery.

Recovering From Reality Podcast Alexis Haines (Alexis Neiers)

2. The Bubble Hour by Jean M.

While this podcast is focused primarily on alcoholism, its message will resonate with those struggling with a wide range of substance use disorders.

Jean M. began The Bubble Hour with the intention of destroying the stigma that comes with alcoholism.

Through conversations and interviews with those who have been affected by alcohol addiction, The Bubble Hour creates a sense of community and empathy for those who tune in.

3. The SHAIR by Omar Pinto

Omar Pinto is a life transformation coach and recovered alcoholic. After years of struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, Omar found himself at an all-time low.

After losing his business, separating from his wife, and watching his mental health decline, he came to the realization that he needed to change his life.

Now 15 years sober, Omar has made it his mission to help those who are struggling with addiction.

On his weekly podcast, The SHAIR, Omar interviews both friends and public figures who are in recovery in hopes their stories will motivate and inspire others.

4. That Sober Guy by Shane Ramer

Shane Ramer grew up in a household where drinking and violence were the norm. It was this example that led him to late nights fueled by drugs and alcohol during his teenage years.

Despite his desire to quit drinking after marrying and having a daughter, he found himself unable to stop.

After years of denial about his alcoholism, he finally sought professional help and began his journey to recovery.

Shane’s podcast, The Sober Guy, is dedicated to helping those struggling with substance use disorders by sharing the stories of other figures in recovery.

From personal stories to professional advice, The Sober Guy is a well-rounded podcast with a powerful mission.

The Sober Guy Podcast for Recovery

5. Since Right Now by KLĒN + SŌBR

The Since Right Now Addiction Recovery Podcast is hosted by three men in recovery, Chris, Jeff, and Matt.

This recovery podcast tackles a wide range of topics including the stigma surrounding addiction, achieving sobriety, and more.

With nearly 200 episodes featuring intimate conversation and interviews with guests, Since Right Now offers hours of listening and endless inspiration.

6. Recovery Radio by Steve Martorano

Recovery Radio is a podcast committed to providing listeners with education and information on addiction and recovery.

Host, Steve Martorano, interviews leaders in the addiction treatment industry, people in recovery, and those whose lives have been affected by substance use disorders.

Along with sharing personal stories, Recovery Radio provides listeners with a deeper understanding of addiction, relevant current events, and helpful advice for those in recovery.

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