A Powerful Recovery Story From an Alo House Team Member, Rachel Corbett.

MEET RACHEL CORBETT, the Alo House Chief Business Development Officer, CADC-II, ICADC. She is an absolutely essential part of our team and is fully dedicated to our clients and anyone seeking help.

She successfully manages a strong partner ecosystem so that every client gets the help and treatment they deserve, while also working to develop systems and the infrastructure to support growth and expansion.

Rachel’s story is one that is relatable for us here at Alo House, as it involves a history of substance use and a powerful recovery that has inspired her personal journey and professional direction.


Rachel first discovered her passion for nature and wellness as a child. She found that the outdoors – specifically the ocean – brought her a sense of renewal, and she consistently spent her free time outdoors, whether it be on a hike or at the beach.

Inspired by her mother who regularly exercised and ate a healthy diet, Rachel chose to become vegetarian at age 14 and began developing nutrition plans for herself and her friends.

Rachel Corbett
Rachel with her Mom and brother, Age 4.

In spite of these passions, she often felt “different” from her peers and struggled to fit in – a common sentiment in recovering alcoholics – and at the age of 15 she began drinking.

At 18, she started using drugs. This began a long cycle of turning to substances as a means of escape and seeking comfort in their effects.


Over the next 15 years, Rachel continued to drink and use drugs on and off. She found herself homeless, in and out of jail, and in need of help. Fortunately, during her last stay in jail, was offered to be sentenced to a dual diagnosis treatment center in lieu of 8-10 years in prison.

Rachel's Mugshot
Rachel’s Mugshot

During her time there she began to work in the kitchen. It was this experience that put her back in touch with her passion for health and wellness. After eating unhealthy food in jail, she found herself craving fruits and vegetables, and in connecting with other women who shared her passion, she also began exercising.

While in treatment, she was re-introduced to another hobby she used to enjoy: reading. After her brain began to heal from her addiction, she continued her journey by researching recovery and effective ways to nurture her body and mind back to health.

In her pursuit of sobriety and wellness, she also became very active in AA, and fully devoted her life back to her family and her son. Rachel has now been sober for 13 years.

Along her journey, she has experimented with her diet, tuned in to her body, and found balance in what she eats.

She also attributes much of her success in wellness to The Tracy Anderson Method, a fitness program that introduced her to the concept of mindbody (a connected mind and body). It’s this program that has helped her through many emotional events as it brings her a powerful sense of calm and connection, so much so that she feels motivated to share with others.

She graciously extends her passions by – once again – building nutrition, fitness, and wellness plans for friends, stating her own success as her motivation.

In more recent years, she has continued her wellness journey by educating herself on the power of essential oils and healing crystals.


Since Rachel became sober, she has been no stranger to difficulty. There was a period of three years when she found herself enduring one hardship after another, causing her so much stress it started to affect her physically.

Learning How To Relax
Rachel practicing reflection, self-care, and learning how to relax.
She began to experience adrenal fatigue, a condition that leads to adrenal failure, heart palpitations, extreme fatigue, sleeplessness, and panic attacks so severe they resulted in blackouts that resembled seizures.

In her darkest moments, she found herself frustrated and wondering, “”Why is this happening to me? I do everything to stay healthy and vital. I don’t drink or use drugs anymore. This is so unfair…”

But rather than allowing this to destroy her progress, she chose to follow her love for nature and sought functional medicine doctors with alternative practices who could help her without prescribing medication with synthetic chemicals.

With their guidance, she created her own “treatment plan” that incorporated professional opinions along with an understanding of her own body.

Through her struggle with addiction, journey to sobriety, and health difficulties, Rachel has educated herself, stayed positive, and found a strong need to help others.

We admire her determination, craving for knowledge, and passion for natural health and wellness. These are just a few of the qualities that make her a vital part of our team.

In her own words…

Rachel Corbett“It may have taken me longer this way, but everything I have learned along this road has been so important to me. I rely on the information I’ve learned to get through difficult times where – in the past – my options would have been drugs or booze.

I listen to my body even more closely now. I have learned self-care, when to say no, when to say yes, when to rest, when to move, and what to use.

I still have a little ways to go in order to be completely healed, but I know that I am fully on that road and everything will be okay. I have seen most of my health restored, and even when other stressful things have happened, I am equipped to deal with them appropriately.

This goes hand in hand with taking care of my sobriety and making sure I am being of maximum service to people around me. I can’t give to others unless I have taken good care of myself, and being of service is number one for my sobriety.

I have learned that my pain and newfound knowledge are useful to others.”

Rachel Corbett, Chief Business Development Officer at Alo House Recovery Centers

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