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Professionals Addiction Program

What does an addict look like to you? A homeless person living under a bridge with a needle in their arm? A young adult struggling with school and stealing alcohol and pills from their parents? A stoner playing video games with a bong as their constant companion?

professionals drug addiction program

We know that addiction has many faces and does not generalize or stereotype who it affects. There are many people struggling with addiction that even people closest to them do not know.

These higher functioning adults may be able to keep their careers going no matter how difficult, may be able to pay their bills and keep their homes, all the while suffering a deep and internal battle with depression, isolation, anxiety or even an undiagnosed and untreated mental health issue such as bi-polar or generalized anxiety disorder.

There are also times when a professional person has had some type of injury and something as seemingly innocuous as a prescription for pain medicine has them slipping into something more dangerous and untenable. The professional feels that they have to keep this a secret and are unable to ask anyone for help.

There is also the case of work, life, and/or family stress becoming so overwhelming that panic and anxiety become uncontrollable and receiving a prescription for a benzodiazepine such as Xanax or Valium, turns into taking it several times a day and soon after they require it to just leave the house in the morning.

This is more common than one might think!

Luxury Professionals Program

In general, doctors do not have this conversation with their patients about the dangers of taking controlled substances on a regular basis and what that can do to the actual physiology of the patient. It creates in their body and mind a desperate need for the medication whether or not they have ever had addiction issues before. The physiology of the body and mind actually adapts into needing the medication just to feel ‘normal’.

Everyone drinks, right? A hard-working professional may be surrounded by people who go out for drinks after work, but for someone with a history of any of the following drinking it can lead to a very dark and lonely place:

  • addiction
  • underlying mental health issues
  • overwhelming amounts of stress
  • real or perceived trauma in their life

Alo House Recovery Centers recognizes this and has created a special and unique luxury professionals addiction program with these mature adults in mind. Deep down, everyone knows when they have lost control and everything in their life feels unmanageable, whether or not anyone else notices it.

professionals alcohol addiction programWe want to create a solution for professionals with addiction issues such as this. Alo House wants them to take control back of their life while being able to keep their job, if at all possible, while also keeping their dignity.

Our Professionals Program is private and confidential just as all of our programs are in accordance with HIPAA, and is targeted to those executive adults who feel that there is nowhere to go for help.

This is a large group of people and they deserve to be able to come to a private luxury center and detox comfortably from substances, if necessary, and be able to remotely keep in touch with work if they need to.

In our Professionals Program, they will receive education about the effects of long term substance use, and how it can lead to their entire lives being taken over by addiction and all the damage that that entails.

At Alo House Recovery Centers, we are well-versed and experienced in phase of life issues and what different transition periods in our lives mean for us.

For instance:

  • leaving or changing professions
  • having children grow up and move out
  • losing a spouse
  • other new periods of existence that are pivotal moments in most mature people’s lives.

Levels of Care Professionals Program

We have levels of care for each phase of the treatment episode that guide a professional’s care while with us. Included in the Professionals Program which is tailored to the specific individual, is group therapy with others going through similar challenges, skilled therapists capable to helping the professional client with career issues, relationships, and family healing. Alo House also assists with stress reduction techniques for the high-functioning executive adult and how to balance recovery with parenting, marriage, relationships, and career.

Alo House uses the levels of care to guide us, and each professional adult client would be assessed for the appropriate level of care specific to their needs. The levels of care look like this:

Detoxification is stabilization of symptoms associated with withdrawal from substances. (“Drug free”)

Residential level is where we start to assess co-occurring mental disorders and use psychiatric interventions tandem to psychotherapy. (“Stable Brain Chemistry”)

Partial Hospitalization level is where we help improve one’s social functioning in terms of family, intimate relationships, and employment dynamics. (“Good People”)

Intensive Outpatient level is where we help clients make changes to their living environment conducive to recovery from mental disorders and substance use. (“Safe Home”)

At Alo House Recovery Centers, we want to be part of the solution for Professional and Executive Adults to thrive and flourish in their lives and careers using our adaptive and compassionate care model of treatment. We want to see our professional clients transition from their treatment stay into recovery and back into their lives.

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