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Psychological Assessment

At Alo House Recovery Centers we believe that effective treatment is individualized and specialized treatment.

Our clients are offered the highest quality addiction and mental health treatment available anywhere.

In order to achieve this standard of excellence in care, we provide all of our clients with an array of Individual Psychological Assessment Tools.

These psychological evaluations provide useful data and clinical material that is critical in creating an effective, individualized treatment approach.

These brief evaluations also aid in the efficacy of tracking treatment progress. Our clients meet with a doctoral level testing administrator who will sit with them to explain the assessment tools and complete the brief testing process.

Upon completion, the results are provided and reviewed with the client’s care team.

Important findings are implemented early in the treatment experience, making the most valuable and effective use of treatment and facilitating powerful outcome goals.

While psychological assessments are vitally important for beginning treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, they are even more crucial for co-occurring mental health disorders that may coexist with substance use issues.

Our team of Doctorate and Masters level clinicians are licensed and qualified to provide an accurate assessment that will not only benefit our therapists and clients alike, but also aid in a successful treatment outcome and speed up the recovery process.

Our assessments help us obtain valuable information and clinical data that allows us to effectively connect with our clients as we walk with them on their path to recovery.

To find out more about our world class treatment program, contact us by phone or email.

All emails and phone calls are completely confidential and will be answered by an Alo House team member.

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