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Recoveryfit Substance Addiction Fitness Program

Alo House Recovery Centers uses The Recoveryfit program to provide our clients with a 1st hand experience of the many benefits of regular exercise and its connection to their lives and recovery. We have found it perfectly addresses the often neglected “physical component” of “body, mind, and spirit.”

This innovative program not only increases our client’s physical and emotional well-being, it equips them with yet another valuable tool for long-term sustainable recovery which is Alo House’s main goal of treatment.

Benefits of Recoveryfit

Recoveryfit - Addiction Recovery Fitness Program
While it’s difficult to deny the many benefits of exercise and proper nutrition, the increased benefits that come from implementing these healthy habits into the lives of those in recovery, are exponentially greater.

Regular activity helps:

  • decrease stress
  • decrease anxiety
  • reduce withdrawal symptoms
  • lift depression
  • promote restful sleep
  • slow the mind
  • helps increase self-esteem

Recoveryfit is expertly scaled for all fitness levels taking age, knowledge, and ability differences into account.

The Recoveryfit experience here at Alo House will establish just how valuable exercise can be to you or your loved one’s health and happiness as they develop positive habits to replace the ones that have been so destructive.

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