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Melissa Apodaca,

RN, Director of Nursing

Melissa has been working in premiere treatment centers in Malibu since 2002 and she specializes in psychiatric nursing. She has worked in a variety of mental health, addiction and medical treatment settings. Melissa works closely with our doctors to provide clients with an individualized treatment plan that may include: detoxification, medication monitoring, health screening and education. She is… Read More

Denise Yurdakul,


Denise is a Registered Nurse who has worked in addiction treatment, hospice, wound care, acute care services working in medical surgical/telemetry, and with geriatric psychiatric patients for a number of years.  In addition to working at Alo, Denise also works at a local Hospital.  Prior to becoming a nurse, Denise worked for 15 years in hotel management.… Read More

David Cisneros,

LMFT, Primary Therapist

David Cisneros is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He got clean and sober in 1999 and began doing volunteer literacy work for Cri-Help, Inc. in 2000. He assisted in developing a literacy program for their sister program Socorro, in East Los Angeles. While studying for his alcohol and drug certification at East Los Angeles College,… Read More

Lynn Tumpa,

R.D Registered Dietician

Lynn is very passionate about nutrition. So much so that she gives inspiring speeches nationwide and is well-known for her motivating talks on the subject. She is an active member of the American Dietetic Association and has practiced nutrition counseling since the year 2000. Lynn is a graduate of Hood College, she served an internship… Read More

Corinne Barthell,

MA, LMFT, CSAT, CCDC Primary Therapist

Corinne is a seasoned mental health professional with positive outcomes in the field of dual diagnosis treatment. She provides expert assessments of substance, sexual, and behavioral addictions with a focus on concurrent mental health conditions. Corinne has expertise in mental health issues and other factors which may hinder long term recovery. She has first-hand clinical… Read More

Seth Amitin,

LCSW, Primary Therapist

Seth got his start working with and advocating for kids with emotional disturbances and substance use issues in the San Fernando Valley in 2010. He loved the work and asked the director of the program what’s the next step in that career and the director suggested social work. After graduating from USC’s School of Social Work, Seth worked in… Read More

Dr. Deena Manion,

PsyD, LCSW, Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Deena Manion is a Doctor of Psychology (Psy. D) and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) since 1993. Prior to coming on board at Alo, she worked as a Clinical Director at a prominent Malibu treatment center since 2000. Prior to that, she worked as a psychotherapist in a variety of settings including psychiatric… Read More

Chris Paulson,

MA, LMFT, Clinical Director Silver Lake

Chris Paulson has been working in the substance abuse treatment field since 2005. With eleven years of experience, ranging from admissions, intake, operations, and administration, he decided to focus on one, if not the most important elements of the treatment experience – clinical work. Chris earned a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology with Antioch University Los… Read More

Rudy Lugo-Rios, PsyD,


Dr. Rudy Lugo-Rios is a Psychologist and an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at his alma mater. He was born in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico, and immigrated to California in childhood. Dr. Rudy received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, and Doctorate of Psychology from California Lutheran University. Dr. Rudy holds… Read More

Morgan Dickerson,

MSWi, Therapist

Morgan May Dickerson is a social work intern that artfully utilizes holistic evidence-based interventions in her practice. Morgan was trained in Mindfulness practices at the UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, and often hosts sound baths and crystal sessions with clients that are open to holistic healing modalities. She has been actively engaged in the social… Read More

Marley Cohn,

MFTi, Therapist

Marley Cohn has had an innate sense of wanting to help others since she was about 10 years old. She made it her life’s purpose and went to school to obtain both her Bachelor’s Degree and Masters in Psychology. Marley is very familiar and in tune with recovery as her father has been sober since 1988.… Read More

Stella Cuomo

MSW, ASW, Primary Therapist

Stella Cuomo discovered a passion for helping others in high school where she volunteered at a suicide hotline for three years at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. During her undergraduate studies in Psychology, Stella worked at a women’s domestic violence shelter and assisted in research projects that investigated the relationship between eating disorders, mindfulness and self-compassion.… Read More

Jodi Wagner,

CATC, CSC, Primary Counselor

Jodi Wagner is a Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor as well as Clinical Supervisor Credentialed and has worked in the recovery field since 1999! Jodi worked at Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health for co-occurring disorders with women as a Primary Counselor for over 6 years and from there was at Journey Out for 8 years, prior to coming to Alo House. Journey… Read More

Dr. Meredith Sagan,

MD, Addiction Psychiatrist

Meredith Sagan, MD is a UCLA Semel Institute trained Psychiatrist who is on the cutting edge of the integrative medicine movement.  For over 20 years, and in tandem with her mainstream career as a child, adolescent and adult Psychiatrist, Dr. Sagan developed her capacities as a medical intuitive by studying with shamans, spiritual leaders, and… Read More

Dr. Lisa Benya,

DO, Internal Medicine Doctor

Dr. Lisa Benya is an internal medicine doctor servicing the Malibu community for many years. Her caring and compassionate approach has earned her a great reputation for being one of the area’s favorite doctors. She is a board certified physician who as an internist broadened her scope to include more serious and chronic conditions including… Read More

William D Stanley,

MD, Addictionologist

William D. Stanley, MD, received his Doctorate of Medicine degree from UMDNJ – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Piscataway, NJ. He did his Residency training at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, Pa. DR. Stanley received his Bachelor of Science degree from Morgan State University in Baltimore, Md. He also did one year of… Read More

Lyndsey Vroman,

CADC II, Program Director Malibu

Lyndsey Vroman has worked in many different positions in the treatment industry since 2009, including case management, after-care, alumni services, clinical coordinator, human resources and now Alo House Recovery Centers is very lucky to have her as our Director of Operations! She found her true passion working in the treatment industry and describes herself as dedicated,… Read More

David Ramirez,

CADC-I, Program Manager West Los Angeles

David Ramirez has been a Resident Advisor, Shift Lead, Operations Manager and Operations Director for various treatment centers. He graduated with an AA in addiction studies with a 4.0. David is well qualified to be Alo House Recovery’s West LA Program Manager! He has been sober since 2015 and is currently completing his BA in… Read More

Soraya Mathews,

CATC-I, Joint Commission Compliance Officer

Soraya Mathews has been with Alo House Recovery Centers since 2014 and is incredibly passionate about helping others. She has finished her addiction studies program and is currently in school for her BS in Clinical Psych and Political Science. Once Soraya finishes that, she will be enrolling in Law School to focus on healthcare law. Soraya is the… Read More

Corey Cardenas,

Equine Specialist

Corey Cardenas has been horse crazy for as long as she can remember. Regularly riding and being with horses since she was three, Corey has been well shaped and trained by the horse. She is continually learning the subtle art of body language and reading energy. With a genuine love of people, trust in the… Read More

Jody Waxman,

Family Program Coordinator

Jody Waxman was a pre-school teacher for over 36 years when one of her children called her and told her they were a heroin addict and needed help. She went back to school at 55 years of age to receive her Drug and Alcohol Counseling credential. Jody has 2 children whom she loves very much… Read More

Jennifer Wasserman,

Clinical Coordinator

Jennifer Wasserman has worked in the field of substance use treatment since 2013 and is also enrolled in school and a member of CAADE. Her passion in working in addiction treatment is due to the miracles she sees here. Jennifer loves seeing the light come on in our clients’ eyes and watch as entire families… Read More

Heidi Lopez,

Silver Lake IOP Coordinator

Heidi Lopez has been sober since November 2012 and has used Yoga and meditation on her path of recovery. She attended college in NYC with a focus on Social Work and also worked in non-profit there for several years. Heidi is dedicated to finding inner peace and practices Kundalini, and Vinyasa Yoga as well as… Read More

Rebecca Gibson,

RADT-I, Shift Lead

Rebecca Gibson has been a Resident Advisor for two other treatment centers prior to coming to Alo House and becoming a Shift Lead. She has been working in the field of dual diagnosis treatment since 2015, and active in her recovery since 2013! She loves to work with people while also sharing her own experience… Read More

Arnie Sallan,

Shift Lead

Arnie Sallan has worked in the field of dual diagnosis treatment since 2015 and has been sober since 2014. He is active and involved in Alcoholics Anonymous and enjoys participating in his recovery. Arnie loves working at Alo and being engaged in the recovery community and giving back what has been given to him. He… Read More

Saige Freie,

RADT-I, Shift Lead

Saige Freie managed a sober living facility in Ventura prior to coming to Alo House and has been with us since 2017. Her passion is helping people to understand the nature of addiction and what drugs and alcohol do to the body and mind. Saige is currently in school studying psychology and has been sober since… Read More

Daniil Khorunzhiy,

Silver Lake Shift Lead

Daniil Khorunzhiy has been sober since 2015 and has many passions such as hiking, meditation and painting. He wanted to work in the treatment industry as it is a good reminder for him of where he came from and it gives him the opportunity to be an example of sustainable recovery to our clients. Daniil… Read More

Tanya Aguilar,

RADT-I, Resident Advisor, Case Manager, Aftercare Planning

Tanya Aguilar has worked in the field of dual diagnosis treatment since 2013 and has held many different titles such as Resident Advisor and Group Facilitator. She has been clean and sober since 2013 and has completed her education for her CADC-I credentials and is currently in school to become a Licensed Marriage and Family… Read More

Sal Michael Federico,

Residential Advisor

Sal Michael Federico didn’t take the usual path in life. He starting using alcohol and drugs at young age, and in the process, missed out on a normal childhood. After a lengthy 19 year battle with addiction, Mike now has over four years clean. It took an outpatient program and help from 12-step program to give… Read More

Sharon Lavelle,

Resident Advisor

Sharon Lavelle started with Alo House Recovery Centers in 2018 and has been sober since 2015. She loves working with the Alo House staff because she knows that they truly care and they have a passion for helping those suffering the challenges of addiction. Sharon felt drawn to work with Alo because of our philosophy… Read More

Mel Williams,


Mel Williams had seen and felt the impact of addiction occur in her family and became passionate about helping others struggling with substance use disorder in any way possible. This inspired her to work in the field of recovery. She has an AA in Social Science and Sociology and loves coming to work every day… Read More

Holiday Perches,

Transportation Coordinator

Holiday Perches has worked with Alo House Recovery Centers since 2015 and has been clean and sober since 2009! He is currently in school obtaining his associates degree in Natural Sciences. Holiday loves working at Alo and picking up clients on the beginning of their journey and then watching as the life starts to come… Read More

Lawrence “Larry” Williams,

Residential Advisor

A recovering addict himself, Lawrence Williams understands and empathizes with what a struggling addict is experiencing when they first come into treatment. Larry began using drugs as a teenager, and the majority of his young adult life was spent in and out of correctional facilities. Sitting in his prison cell one day, he was struck with a… Read More

Trina Medina,

CADC-I, HR Coordinator

Trina Medina started her work in the field of dual diagnosis treatment in 2014 as a counselor and since then has worked with clients in the criminal justice system and is also certified in Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT). She has been a Program Director for another treatment center and is currently in college for business… Read More

Alexis Haines,

CDAAC Intern

Alexis Haines completed her schooling to become a chemical dependency counselor in October 2011. Since that time, she has worked at several treatment centers, and is currently completing her practicum hours. Alexis got sober at nineteen years old, after facing up to six years in the California State prison system due to her addiction to… Read More

Bob Howland,

Director Of Admissions

Bob Howland comes to Alo House with over 15 years in Healthcare/ Medical industry experience, 25 years in business development and a bachelors degree from George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia. Bob has dedicated his life to helping others in the transition to recovery. Bob suffered a back injury when he was 18 years old… Read More

Carley Bowen,

Admission Coordinator

Carley Bowen has been working in the recovery field since 2016 and has been sober since 2015. She was drawn to working in recovery due to her experience. Carley’s addiction started around the age of 16 and after a few years felt like she could not recognize herself. She suffered several overdoses and found herself… Read More

Greg Rigali,

Admissions Coordinator

Greg Rigali has been working in the field of dual diagnosis treatment since 2015 and has a background of working with adolescents and teens. He is currently in the process of obtaining his CADC-II and is also in college working on a BA in psychology. Greg then plans to attend graduate school for LPCC. He… Read More

Brandon Lewis,

Admissions Coordinator

Brandon Lewis was an IV drug user for over 6 years before he got sober in 2015. In his recovery, some of the tools he has found useful are both therapy and psychiatry to address the underlying issues that drove his substance use disorder. Brandon is a talented musician and has been playing guitar and… Read More

Rachel Corbett,


Rachel Corbett is a Los Angeles native and sober alcoholic who has been working in the field of substance use disorders, mental health, outreach, and business development since 2005. For many years she fulfilled her desire to help others by dedicating her work to facilitating the linkage of all populations including LGBTQ, HIV +, and those with co-occurring disorders… Read More

Ali Morrow,

Director of Utilization Review

Ali Morrow has worked in the field of dual diagnosis treatment since 2007 when she served as a Resident Advisor. Upon earning her LVN in March 2011, she transitioned into working in Utilization Review. Ali is passionate about Utilization Review and she thoroughly reviews client records and collaborates with the treatment team ensuring each client receives the appropriate amount of… Read More

Evan Haines,

MA, Co-Founder

Evan Haines is a Co-Founder of Alo House, and specializes in admissions, and marketing and business development.  An active participant in the recovery world, it felt natural for Evan to transition into the sober living business, and help others obtain and maintain sobriety. In 2010, he and Jared founded Alo House, which, in less than… Read More

Jared Valentine,


Jared Valentine is a Co-Founder of Alo House.  He is a Certified Developer and Operator of Sober Living Housing, and successfully operated Alo House sober living for a number of years before taking the company through the licensing process. Jared believed that it was time to offer a licensed substance use disorder and mental health program at… Read More

Bob Forrest,

Program Founder

Bob Forrest is perhaps best known as the straight talking, straight shooting counselor on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew. Bob had a long journey in his struggle with addiction, visiting rehab facilities 24 times before finding sobriety in 1996. He has spent the last 17 years being of service, becoming one of the foremost… Read More

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