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Rachel Ziegler

Alumni and Aftercare Coordinator

Rachel Ziegler grew up in Oxnard, CA from a long line of addicts, alcoholics and chaos. She endured much abuse and trauma from her family of origin and eventually was placed into foster care where the trauma continued. Rachel began using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain at a very young age. She didn’t see herself as an addict for many years.

Rachel realized she only could depend on herself and worked really hard in school and did very well and was able to graduate high school with a high GPA, 2 scholarships and a grant. Once enrolled in college, her drug use prevented her from being able to continue. After a particularly hopeless night, she woke up very sick and soon realized she was pregnant. She immediately vowed to change her life for her child and did everything in her power to get off drugs.

Rachel threw herself into her recovery so her child would not have to experience the things she herself had gone through. She now has 3 beautiful children and loves being able to be of service and give back through her work here at Alo House Recovery Centers. Rachel says, “I know what it’s like to feel hopeless, and lost. I am truly passionate about helping others and helping those who feel lost find their path.”

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