10 Stress Free Jobs for People With Anxiety

Stress free jobs are in high demand today because there are so many people interested in finding the best jobs for people with anxiety.

Embedded in western culture is the idea that high-stress, fast paced jobs in industries like fashion, finance, tech startups, entertainment, or advertising are the most rewarding types of careers.

While that might be true for some people, not everybody wants or is suited to such a demanding type of work culture. This is particularly true for people who deal with anxiety disorders and prefer low stress careers.

For all the stigma that surrounds the many issues of mental health, anxiety disorders are incredibly common. They affect an estimated 40 million adults in the United States, or more than 18 percent of the population.

In fact, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that anxiety is the most common type of mental illness in the country.

Despite the prevalence of anxiety disorders, people who deal with them are often afraid to talk about their problems for fear of judgment or, worse, discrimination in the workplace.

The added stress of hiding job anxiety can make the symptoms of the disorder even more pronounced.

It might come as a surprise, but there are many celebrities with social anxiety disorders who are quite successful in their chosen field.

Stress Free Jobs Can Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety symptoms can severely limit a person’s ability to carry out their day-to-day responsibilities. These can include some of the following:

  • Difficulty concentrating or communicating thoughts and ideas
  • A sense of unreality or feeling detached from oneself
  • Rapid heart rate, dry mouth, sweats and hand tremors
  • Chest pain, blurred vision, dizziness or nausea
  • Shortness of breath, trembling voice or severe blushing
  • Headaches and muscle tension

Anxiety disorders are very treatable, usually with a combination of counseling and, if needed, medications. There is certainly a range with this mental health condition as well. Not everyone who copes with anxiety experiences the same severity and number of symptoms.

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While some people with an anxiety disorder may get treatment and find that they adapt well to a socially demanding, high-stress career, others may find satisfaction in more socially quiet, low stress careers.

In fact, stress free jobs can have an impact on a person’s overall mental health and help them better cope with anxiety on a daily basis. This is because job anxiety is one of the biggest stressors for a lot of people. So finding the right job can help reduce anxiety levels and improve their outlook on life.

Solitary careers that don’t involve working with people in face-to-face situations might be ideal for some to reduce job anxiety. Others may find comfort working with only a few people if the pace is slower and the demands are less hectic.

Whatever the environment, nobody should feel they can’t get a job due to anxiety issues.

Best Jobs For People With Anxiety

Here Are 10 of the Best Jobs For People With Anxiety

While each person will have their own interests and skillsets, there are a wide variety of jobs for people with anxiety that will best suit their needs. Here are 10 of them.

1. Therapist or Counselor

People who address, treat, and overcome their anxiety are uniquely positioned to help others do the same because they understand what it takes to overcome being anxious.

The job of a therapist or counselor requires a certain level of education and training, but can be very rewarding.

Best of all, it is usually performed in a one-on-one, comfortable setting, with less stress and pressure than many other types of careers.

2. Library Sciences

Organizing, archiving and, in some cases, curating educational programs, can be extremely interesting work for those with anxiety.

Not only is working in a library generally a quiet affair, it also offers the kind of meaningful social interaction that is helpful for the customer and, often, rewarding for the library worker.

3. Data Entry Specialist

There are a wide range of levels to this career, from data entry clerks who work in government positions and require special training and a security clearance, to far less technical types of data entry.

In either case, a data entry specialist job does not usually require a lot of contact with others and is straightforward in terms of the responsibilities on a daily basis.

The advent of technology and the internet has actually increased the need for data entry professionals and there are plenty of these jobs to be had.

4. Computer Programmer or Software Engineer

Computer Programmer or Software Engineer careers do generally require social interaction as project and trouble-shooting sessions are necessary.

However, they also require critical thinking skills, technical acumen, and an ability to work alone on a computer for long periods of time.

This type of job is perfect for those with anxiety issues, but also enjoys detail-oriented work where they can focus alone or in small teams when necessary.

5. Writer

Whether as a freelance writer working from home, writing for a particular company, or even as an independent novel writer, these kinds of positions tend to involve some social interaction, but also require a person to be comfortable working in solitude.

Some people with anxiety actually prefer stress free jobs where you don’t have to deal with people, and a career as a writer perfectly fulfills this requirement.

6. Working With Animals

Many people actually prefer spending time with animals to human interaction, and these types of jobs can be quite therapeutic for those with anxiety issues.

There are a variety of stress free jobs in this field, including veterinarians, dog trainers, working in an animal shelter, or being a dog groomer. Caring for animals can be an extremely rewarding career.

Ironically, equine therapy, or working with horses, is actually part of many treatment programs to help people learn grounding techniques for healing various mental health issues, including anxiety.

7. Graphic Designer

A certain level of technical proficiency is needed for a graphic designer job, but once that’s achieved, this is can be a great job in either a freelance setting or working for a company.

There will be some level of social interaction, but it allows a person to tap into their creativity, while working mostly alone.

Like with other computer-related careers, graphic designers are in high demand for internet, print, and even film and television related work. The pay can be quite good too, especially for those with experience.

8. Forestry

From park ranger to land management worker, forestry jobs involve the practice of planting, managing and caring for forests.

Forestry jobs are often coveted by people who prefer being outdoors and working with their hands. Many of these low stress careers have only minimal social contact, depending on the job and the setting.

Forestry can be a great career for anyone with anxiety, and the work itself can be healing and therapeutic.

9. Accountant

For those who are more numbers and detail oriented, a job in accounting or being an independent CPA can provide a level solitude whether self-employed or working for a company.

While there is obviously some social interaction, most of the work of an accountant is completed individually in a quieter setting, making it an ideal job for anxious people.

10. Transcriptionist or Court Reporter

There is a simple meditative flow in transcribing audio or video into a written format.

Court Reporters must know shorthand and be willing to work in a public setting, but the job is very straightforward.

Other forms of transcription range from full-time positions at a company to freelance work performed at home or in a small office setting.

Low Stress Careers

Low Stress Careers Can Be Rewarding

Finding the best jobs for people with anxiety often involves seeking low stress careers that don’t involve working with people, or work that takes place in a calm and quiet setting.

Just because low stress work isn’t always fast moving, it doesn’t mean that the pay is necessarily low or that it will be boring.

On the contrary, many of the employment opportunities listed here can be extremely rewarding, particularly those that work with animals or help other people overcome anxiety and mental health issues.

Many of these can also become low stress high paying jobs once a person gains some experience in their particular field.

The most important point is for people to overcome the fear that they can’t get a job because of anxiety. Everyone suffers from job anxiety at some point in their career, as it’s a natural part of the process.

Like all mental health issues, treatment for anxiety is available for those who seek to get better. And best of all, there are plenty of non-stressful jobs that make going to work each day enjoyable.

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