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Anonymous, Alumni

“I have incredibly fond memories of Alo House. I arrived a slightly depressed, very miserable and incredibly guilty about what I have put my family through. Fast forward a few weeks, and I am not depressed ,I am looking forward to the future with some confidence and feeling better than I have in years. I embraced the program for the first time ever, and accept my lot in life. It is what it is, and I now have choices. I feel that the staff and owners all lead by example, and for me, that was so much more powerful than what I have experienced in rehab, which I always wanted to do my way. Perhaps I was just ready to change. I often thought I could have just rented a house and done it myself, but then I remembered, I have tried that so many times, unsuccessfully. I needed whatever it is Alo House provided, and that something is really special … I miss my room which was a real haven for me.”

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