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Colin, Alumni, 2016

This recovery center is amazing I learned so much about myself, dug deep within my spirit, and connected to the mindfulness in each administrator. Personally i call the therapist or people who guide the individual through the course of recovery professors because there is nothing but joyful, intelligent, and fantastic ethic that swarm around ALO House.

The environment is big on creating a unique experience for each client and the group sessions thoroughly involve us in a family that is full of care. The best part, we get to graduate from a recovery center. So much time is put into analyzing how I could be a better entity in life that this place really has such a positive effect on my own circumstances i consider this more important than any education out their in the world.

The spirituality involved feels like i can connect with the higher selves that are present making this treatment center a holly place for just about anything my mind was set to.

I have so many words of gratitude that are exchanged everyday through simple hello’s, the air is full of love and i would want anyone to come to this location even if you were not an addict. This place is an academy for the mind IT IS FREAKIN AMAZING.

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