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Jared, Dec-17

ALO changed my life. I sit back and think to myself all the people and places that help me be who I am today. ALO is on the top of that list. ALO has an amazing views and a breathtaking location off the beach. It’s a place where you can go and nothing else matters. It’s you and a a group of addicts all sharing the same struggle and battle through addiction where everyone from all over the world brings in different stories and outlooks to the group to all reach our goal. Most importantly let me talk a little about the staff. I first off, get extremely home sick and am not good from being away home. Let me just make this clear, I’m not just saying this. When I tell you the staff actually cares. I mean it. I over cane my addiction through ALO, i overcame being home sick. I created long life friends that I still talk to, to this day. The staff is from all ages so you can relate to someone there. Like I said, ALO has changed my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today. With a full time basketball scholarship, and working. I have a beautiful fiancĂ© and I’m well on my way to a drug free life. I can’t express what ALO and the staff has done for me. I am going to school to be a substance abuse counselor. I recommend ALO to anyone that is struggling with addiction. I plan to keep in touch with ALO and apply to work there after I complete school. If anyone is in need or knows someone in need of not just a rehab, but a life long family, please consider ALO. I put this to my name, “you or your loved one will not be disappointed”. Pick up the phone now and change your life, because ALO changed mine!

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