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Kyla, Alumni, 2016

I came to Alo House almost four years ago and it has been my home ever since. I arrived in CA knowing no one. Evan and Jared provided me with a safe place to live and welcomed me into their community. They provided so much and asked nothing in return. Alo House gave me the support I needed to be able to work on myself. Evan Jared and Jess led by example. Rather than telling me how to live they shared their experience with me and showed me a healthy way of responding to challenges and participating in the world.

I began working at Alo House a little over two years ago. As a staff member, I continued to grow in a whole new way. I learned about acceptance, responsibility, tolerance and compassion.  I’ve experienced genuine care and connection between clients and staff. Alo House has been committed to maintaining an environment in which clients have the flexibility they need to grow and learn about themselves, while providing enough structure to ensure safety and stability. This balance allows clients to individuate and have new experiences, and simultaneously practice reliability, honesty and responsibility.

Alo House and its staff have had a huge impact on me and I’ve watched it change the lives of others.  It’s been an integral part of my life and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

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We believe trust, meaningful connections, and kindness are the essentials to beginning a journey in recovery. We are dedicated to providing an honest, authentic, and genuine treatment environment that gives our clients a unique opportunity for healing.

Alo House is LegitScript Certified and a Joint Commission Accredited Addiction Treatment Center.

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