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Anonymous, Parents

“We feel so lucky that our daughter found Alo House. Learning about addiction and what it takes to get sober is one thing. Discovering how to practice sobriety, no matter what, in the real world out there, is another – and this is where Alo House does such an impressive job. Our sense is that Alo House provides a healthy, loving family situation, full of compassion and without judgement. From the moment our daughter came to Alo House, we felt sure she was in a safe space to continue her recovery — and we have only become more and more certain of that, the more we learn. Evan and Jared clearly take each person from exactly where they are, and create an individualized path — an environment with just enough support and just enough challenge — so that each member gets what they need to make the transition to a clean and sober life. We, as parents, feel tremendously comforted by the sense of well-being and serious progress we feel from our daughter.”

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We believe trust, meaningful connections, and kindness are the essentials to beginning a journey in recovery. We are dedicated to providing an honest, authentic, and genuine treatment environment that gives our clients a unique opportunity for healing.

Alo House is LegitScript Certified and a Joint Commission Accredited Addiction Treatment Center.

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