The Alo House Recovery Approach: Who We Are and What Makes Us Different

At Alo House Recovery Centers, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all recovery treatment program. Addiction is a complex disease born out of a profound sense of disconnection, a truth that has inspired our Compassionate Care Model® through which we treat our clients with respect and understanding.

During recovery treatment at Alo House, our clients work with licensed therapists to harness the skills and motivation they need to succeed after treatment. We know there is a full life awaiting those struggling with addiction, and it is our mission to guide our clients to recovery while allowing them the freedom they need to find connection and feel empowered.

Alo House Recovery Centers Addiction Treatment Approach

Connecting in Recovery

At the heart of our mission lies our motto, “Connection, Not Control®.” This belief applies to both our therapists and clients.

The staff at Alo House is trained to engage and communicate with our clients rather than set rigid rules, while those in treatment are encouraged to connect with themselves and others as a tool to aid in their recovery.

In everything we do, we aim to create an environment that is conducive to healing and genuine growth. We practice curiosity over judgement, ask questions instead of prescribing  answers, and always seek to create a therapeutic bond without judgement, guilt, or shame.

“When we think about ‘Connection, not control’ at Alo House, we really want to gain trust with the client before we start guiding them anywhere.”
Bob Howland, Director of Admissions

Building Trust in Recovery

We understand that no progress can be made before we establish a bond of mutual respect in a safe, open environment. Throughout treatment, our staff works to create a space that is not only effective, but supportive and loving, and when working with a new client, our first goal is to build trust.

Addiction is a disease that destroys the bonds of trust. By learning to trust their therapists, those in treatment are given an example of how to rebuild trust in their lives in two critical areas:

  • In their self-trust
  • And trust with their loved ones

Establishing these trusts fosters connection, which we know to be the key to recovery.

Building Connection, Trust, and Honesty in Recovery

“This punitive approach to recovery doesn’t work with young people.”
Alexis Haines, Alo House Recovery Centers Spokesperson

Throughout their treatment at Alo House, our clients maintain their dignity and are treated with kindness whenever possible. We rebuke any therapies using shame, confrontation, alienation, or other condescending methods. Our holistic treatment model was designed to build our clients up, rather than tear them down.

“We’re not going to talk down to you, or condescend you, or be punitive with you, but we’re going to tell you the truth.”
Bob Forrest, Program Co-Founder

Honesty in Recovery

While our treatment model is built on a foundation of respect and kindness, we also believe in honesty. We encourage our clients to take responsibility for their lives, stop blaming others for their struggles, and overcome viewing themselves as victims.

Throughout treatment, we are always honest with our clients about the recovery process. We know that overcoming addiction is difficult and requires a great amount of dedication, determination, and strength.

While we never guarantee that recovery will be easy, we can guarantee that it will be worth it. It is our mission to show our clients the vibrant life available to them on the other side of addiction, and guide them there with connection, honesty, and loving support.

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We believe trust, meaningful connections, and kindness are the essentials to beginning a journey in recovery. We are dedicated to providing an honest, authentic, and genuine treatment environment that gives our clients a unique opportunity for healing.

Alo House is LegitScript Certified and a Joint Commission Accredited Addiction Treatment Center.