The Story of How: Morgan Dickerson

The story of how Morgan Dickerson, Alo House Primary Therapist, overcame adversity and found her true calling.

At Alo House Recovery Center, we proudly follow a model of Holistic Addiction Treatment.

We believe in an affordable, long-term, community-based care treatment model offering non 12-step rehabilitation and individualized treatment programs, rather than the 30-day treatment that has proven to be ineffective.

Because of our client-centered approach, we are able to effectively treat a broad range of issues and individuals from diverse walks of life, and have had success treating clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Even when a client may have experienced failed treatment in the past, have complex mental health issues, or have been struggling to stop using for years, our unique approach to treatment can help.

As of this January, Morgan Dickerson will have been a primary therapist at Alo House for two years, and she has been an invaluable addition to our team! Her unique training and experiences have helped us grow our treatment model and serve our clients more effectively.

“I consider Alo to be the very best treatment center in Southern California. The treatment model works and I get to watch healing occur every day.” – Morgan Dickerson, Primary Therapist, Alo House Recovery Center

About Morgan Dickerson

Many of the staff members at Alo House came to us with a complex and inspirational story as to why they felt drawn to work in recovery. It is often those who have experienced the effects of addiction firsthand or overcome significant, personal challenges that are the most inspired to make a difference in this field, and Morgan is no exception.

As a survivor of intergenerational abuse, Morgan struggled to find healthy coping mechanisms in her early years and became a mother when she was a teenager. At age 16, she began supporting herself, only to be told by a high school math teacher that her best opportunity for success would be a job at McDonald’s.

Then, during a particularly challenging time in her personal life, she received a DUI. It was this event that provided her the opportunity to process her difficult past and learn new, effective ways to navigate through life’s challenges, such as practicing meditation and exercising mindfulness.

Morgan Dickerson Practicing Meditation

Her One, True Calling

It wasn’t until later in life, when Morgan owned and operated an organic farm in northern California, that she discovered her true calling: Therapy. In pursuit of her passion, she attended UCLA, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. From there, she earned a Masters in Social Work from USC.

Due to her personal experience with healthy coping mechanisms such as meditation and mindfulness, Morgan felt compelled to incorporate these techniques in her work as a therapist.

After receiving her Masters, she took the initiative to expand her knowledge at The Imagine Center in Tarzana, CA where she became a certified crystal healer.

She uses this wealth of personal experience, education, and special training in her therapeutic practice, resulting in an integrated approach to therapy that we embrace at Alo House.

Advice from Morgan for someone going through addiction: “Never give up, never surrender!” – Buzz Lightyear

A Unique Approach to Treatment

Morgan believes that those in recovery are “special people who are emerging healers.” It is this belief that initially drew her to field of addiction, and one she still holds firm today. In her experience, she has found her clients to be gifted people who are highly sensitive and particularly in-tune with the world.

It is her mission to teach those in recovery the skills required to turn down the volume of the world so they can embrace their full potential.

Along with treating her clients with evidence-based practices, Morgan uses her specialties, such as crystal healing, aromatherapy, techniques for mindfulness, and meditation practices when working with clients who seek a more holistic approach to treatment.

In addition, she offers her clients the opportunity to make their own customized essential oil blend so they can experience the benefits of aromatherapy in their daily lives.

It is these specialized wellness practices that work in hand-in-hand with a clinical therapy model to integrate the mind, body, and spirit.

The Rest is History

Morgan’s diverse treatment vision and positive, holistic approach has made her an important and influential team member at Alo House these past two years. Her story is one that has served as inspiration for us, and reminds us all why we believe so strongly in the work we do!

At Alo House, we are proud to have a staff that regularly reminds us of our intention and motivates us to pursue our calling. As Morgan once said, “It all starts with intention. The rest is history.”

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