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Equine Assisted Therapy

Through a series of activities, participants identify with the horses and learn how to better communicate with others. Participants work on problem-solving games, such as moving the horse through an obstacle course. Activities help clients learn to trust their thought processes as well as work in a team to think and act outside their comfort zone. Equine Therapy increases empathy through grooming activities and caring for the horses. The horses keep the participants in the moment, focused on a task and completely honest. HIGH and HIP principles support, validate and nurture the positive, strength-based abilities of the participants. This particular kind of experiential therapy and learning honors physical, emotional, and energetic/spiritual healing.

For Suzi, interacting with and riding horses is all about relationship! She believes that everyone is ‘able.’ ‘From the Ground Up’ is Suzi’s integrative, therapeutic riding program, where individuals with emotional challenges create a relationship with their horse on the ground first, move up to bareback, and then riding with a saddle. Each session is created with the rider, nurturing physical and emotional strength and adaptability. We see riding as a relationship journey that takes horse and human from the ground up, to greater physical, emotional, and spiritual heights. For those who are more experienced riders, therapeutic trail rides are available to try.

The ocean view picnic area at Big Heart Ranch, where the horses are kept, provides a spectacular setting for clients to relax before and after sessions.

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