Transform Your Outlook on Life: 108 Gratitudes

Did you know that Americans rank January and February as their least favorite months of the year? With the holiday season over and the dreary, cold weather persisting, this may not come as a surprise to you.

Whether you are living in a seemingly endless stream of rainy days or trudging through snow every time you leave the house, this season can often bring feelings of sadness and discouragement.

Fortunately, there are some things we can do to brighten up the dead of winter.

Along with positive mental health practices like meditation and routine, practicing gratitude has the power to transform our outlook on life.

Shed light on this darkened time of the year by setting an intention of thankfulness each day.

The Power of Gratitude

While practicing gratitude has become somewhat trendy, it’s benefits for mental health are more than a fleeting craze.

In fact, the positive impact that gratitude has on our well being has been proven through research and testing.

According to Psychology Today, practicing gratitude has the power to change your life in 7 different ways:

  1. It can help foster new relationships
  2. It can improve your physical health
  3. It can benefit your psychological health
  4. It will help you sleep
  5. It will reduce aggression and boost empathy
  6. It will increase your mental fortitude
  7. It will improve your self-esteem

Being Grateful

In general, those who practice gratitude tend to be happier and less depressed.

While these benefits are available to everyone, they are especially impactful for those struggling with their mental health.

When performed in addition to mental health counseling, gratitude practices have proven to provide more benefits than counseling on its own.

Gratitude in Recovery

Because of its powerful benefits for those struggling with mental health concerns, we strongly recommend our clients at Alo House Recovery Center maintain a regular gratitude practice such as gratitude journaling.

Writing down a list of things you are grateful for each day will not only help you see the positive things in life, it will also provide a sense of meaning and purpose, which is key element to successful recovery.

108 Things

While jotting down two to three things that you are grateful for each day will result in a more positive outlook, taking the time to create a long list will help you truly explore the little things you are thankful for in life, resulting in an even deeper sense of appreciation.

In fact, many spiritual teachers and counselors recommend writing down 108 things you are grateful for at once.

You might be wondering why experts suggest writing down such a specific number of things you are grateful for. While the number 108 may seem random, it actually carries much significance.

Did you know that there are 108 beads on the Tibetan mala and the Catholic rosary?

In addition, the sun is 108 times the diameter of the earth, Stonehenge is 108 feet in diameter, and there are 108 names for Buddha.

This number is known to refer to spiritual completion due to its frequent occurrence in nature and ancient traditions, so what better number to integrate into our own rituals?

At first, coming up with 108 things you are grateful for may seem like an impossible task, but don’t feel discouraged if you are off to a slow start.

Oftentimes, the first 10 to 20 gratitudes are the hardest to come up with.

Keep diving deeper into your thoughts and you will unearth a long list of things, big or small, that you are thankful for.

See a list written by an Alo House staff member below for inspiration on writing your own list of 108 things you are grateful for.

108 Gratitudes To Be Grateful For

An Example Gratitude List

1. Another day sober
2. Hot tea
3. Netflix
4. My dog
5. My favorite pen
6. Indian food
7. Poetry
8. A warm bed
9. Cozy sweaters
10. Houseplants
11. My support group
12. Texts from my mom
13. Lunch with my best friend
14. Palm trees
15. Meditation
16. Rainy day music
17. Upbeat dance music
18. Chicken noodle soup
19. The neighborhood cats
20. Thumbprint cookies
21. Matcha
22. Sunny days
23. The beach
24. French fries
25. Mandarin oranges
26. People I can call
27. Human affection
28. Volunteering
29. Fresh haircuts
30. My favorite jeans
31. Hot showers
32. Bubble baths
33. Fresh flowers
34. Hiking
35. Veggies and hummus
36. Newborn babies
37. Rock climbing
38. Documentaries
39. Good physical health
40. Blue skies
41. Long drives
42. Walks around the neighborhood
43. Seeing friends at coffee shops
44. Yoga
45. The corner store
46. Tarot cards
47. Short stories
48. Bonfires and s’mores
49. Weekend getaways
50. Swimming in the ocean
51. Incense
52. Journaling
53. Sleeping in
54. Painting
55. A clean house
56. Clean sheets
57. New pajamas
58. New recipes
59. Pay day
60. Receiving postcards
61. Writing postcards
62. Good hair days
63. Deep conversations
64. Ceramics
65. Childhood friends
66. New friends
67. Traveling
68. Fresh basil
69. Acai bowls
70. Mom’s cross stitches
71. Park benches
72. Spring flowers
73. Overcoming challenges
74. Good workouts
75. Disney movies
76. Photography
77. Art museums
78. Dog parks
79. Picnics
80. Potluck parties
81. Board games
82. Epsom salts
83. Crock pots
84. Brené Brown
85. Churros
86. Echo Park
87. El Matador beach
88. Genuine hugs
89. “Discover Weekly” on Spotify
90. Mental clarity
91. Encouraging YouTube videos
92. The New York Times
93. Comedy podcasts
94. Trying new foods
95. Long runs
96. Leftovers
97. Wool socks
98. Unexpected gifts
99. The smell of laundry
100. Bougainvillea bushes
101. Birds chirping
102. Getting film developed
103. Nights at home
104. Nights out with friends
105. Air conditioning
106. Happy memories
107. Movie theaters
108. Practicing gratitude

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