Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy (REBT)

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy takes an action based approach to taking care of current mental, emotional, and physical/behavioral issues. This form of therapy focuses on the idea that it is the thinking about what’s transpired that leads to emotional and or behavioral upheavals and where those problems stem from. It is thinking about events where there are misperceptions/misconceptions and then the irrationally-formed responses to and/or about the event that’s within this thinking. This is where the internal upset is activated and reacted.

REBT looks to reframe these events and the subsequently, irrationally formed responses. Stripping away these things to see the “what is” as it actually is and then, working from there to build a base of rational responses to whatever that may be, so that if the event is thought about, the thinking is not emotionally charged and the subsequent behavior is not, potentially self-sabotaging. In application for future events, it allows for a much more regulated state of being when a client learns to see something as it actually is and then can make a choice as to how to think about the event and proceed accordingly, giving the client far greater control over their own thoughts and feelings, though this takes great practice and a lot of work. Also, this is a practical, immediate application type of modality, focusing on the here and now and requires the client to be in action, not just discussion.

REBT, which is considered a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) works from a place of action-based pragmatism in that the work isn’t theoretical or hypothetical. It’s direct work with exercises, targeting irrational thoughts that default to unhealthy emotional responses and their concurrent behaviors taking place in the present and directly combating them. Therapists have been known to give clients exercises which may be used to do this work when these situations – be they positive or negative thought negative is usually when the primary target for irrationality has a tendency to manifest and perception can be that much more skewed causing fatalistic and/or catastrophic thinking, deregulated emotional responses, behavioral “acting out” is happening.

It’s the therapist guiding the client to ideas that, once they are able to see the difference in which actions they can use to replace irrational systems with rational responses in realistic situations. REBT looks to dismantle the current view – not separate the past but teach and guide the client in forward motion with recognizing the irrationality of said beliefs around an event so the event can be seen for the exactly what it is. Then, after examining the event the client can make a new, rational response so as to not continue what might be repeated self-harm behaviors.

By staying in the present thought-wise, clients are taught a new way to step back from their usual responses with prevalent issues, examine their current thinking from a place of steadiness and rationality, instead of reactionary irrationality which are what seem to activate the counter-productive thinking/emotions and may subsequently be resulting in an assortment of self-harming related behaviors, i.e. sabotage, defeatism, addiction, etc.

Our clients are given the opportunity to learn to work to keep thinking in a frame of truth, in the present, seeing the world and themselves in it, experiencing it as it really is. Reformatting primary paradigms take work and we are here to work closely with our clients. This is a modality that requires actions in order to reap the benefits it offers. It may not be easy work but it’s worth it and we are here to support, guide, teach and help them learn ways to implement these tools to have that much better of a successful life.

Alo House works in therapeutic collaboration with our clients. We believe that the building of a bond between us and our clients is of most import. We are here to have you empower you and we will guide you as you begin to journey out of the cyclical trappings and toward a new way of seeing yourself and your experiences in the world. In recognition of an event in and of itself as simply an event we consider to be triumphant as there is truth in action and action in seeing truth.