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Why Choose Alo House?

Alo House Recovery Centers are more than just a treatment center; we are a community.

In our experience, active addiction tends to be a very lonely, isolated place. It is vital for someone new in recovery to build a community of people who they share a connection with. And this sense of community and connection is something we are proud to say we have created here at Alo.

Furthermore, the community and bond that we foster between our current clients and alumni is probably the single most important way that we help our clients to see recovery as an attractive way of life, and as a viable alternative to drug and alcohol use.

We strive to show our clients they can enjoy a life without drugs and alcohol. We believe it is incredibly important for someone new in recovery to have fun being sober, to experience joy and an elevated quality of life. Or else, the way we look at it is, why would they even bother?

We provide a very compelling alternative to using, and a new way to achieve the sense of ease, comfort, and belonging that our clients were looking for with the aid of drugs and alcohol.

Alo House Activities

Some activities our clients participate in together include the following:

Non 12-Step Program

Alo House Recovery Centers is not a 12-Step Program. We believe there are many different paths to recovery, which includes the 12-Step world for many people.

But because each individual client comes from unique circumstances, we want to work with them to figure out which tools they can use to guide them on the road to recovery.

We understand that not everyone has had a positive experience with the 12-Step fellowship. We also don’t agree that treatment programs are the proper venue to practice the 12-Step model. It is available for free, and is something that we are happy to introduce our clients to, and that they are free to further investigate post-treatment.

For us, drug and alcohol treatment is built around high-quality, evidence-based clinical care that is rooted in the most current research.

While we are not a 12-Step Program, we do not discourage our clients from attending 12-Step meetings. In fact, we fully support that, and we give clients who have never experienced a 12-Step meeting an opportunity to be introduced to these meetings in a safe and friendly way.

Some of the clinical tools we use at Alo House Recovery Centers include:

Holistic Addiction Treatment

We take a holistic approach to healing at Alo House Recovery Centers.

It is imperative to treat the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Decreasing stress while boosting immunity and psychological resilience can help the body cope better, heal more quickly, and maintain health.

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