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Young Adult Addiction Treatment

young adult addiction treatmentAll of our clients face their own particular set of challenges in their pursuit of their transition toward new lives. None of these challenges are more unique, and generationally specific, than those faced by our young adult clients.

We have taken this into account, and focused our attention on developing a unique young adult addiction treatment program for those who come into our care, one that really works.

We are continuously innovating and crafting this emerging model of treatment, constantly ensuring that it is addressing the specific quandaries young people face today, and which our other clients may not experience.

For example, learning life skills and vocational abilities is paramount with the younger generation, many of whom, gripped by years of addiction, haven’t worked in years, or have maybe never worked at all.

We care about all of our clients. In that, we want to facilitate the optimum environment for our young adults to have a treatment experience where they, too, feel valued, heard, and understood, so they can start taking the steps they need to in order to live life fully, and not just sober. We can help guide them in becoming who they are truly meant to be, in the healthiest way possible.

Individualized Care Model For Young Adults

No snowflake is alike and yet, they are all the same.

young adult addiction rehabNo one client is ever quite like another, and we share so much in common. Each client, be it a young adult, or one of our more mature professional clients, is recognized for who they are.

And their unique stories are honored. With that in-depth knowledge of their histories, their treatment is planned, shaped and formed to meet their specific needs. Our clients are not simply warm bodies filling up rooms, or ‘heads in beds.’

At Alo House our professional staff is determined to help our young adult and mature clientele by understanding who they really are. And in this way, young adults are in the midst of self-discovery, so we are able to be there alongside them as they each move forward in unearthing themselves, experiencing growth, transformation, and forming the healthy, successful, sober people they are meant to become.

We recognize each person’s needs may vary, so we will vary our treatment accordingly. As each client grows with us, we will grow with our them. And with our more mature clients, we are sensitive to the fact that they are going through totally different issues, and experiencing completely different problems.

These fall under the ‘stages of life’ issues, such as:

  • Divorce
  • Career change
  • Retirement
  • Restoring bonds with family
  • Restoring bonds with friends

We are committed to looking our clients in the eye and seeing them for who they are. We have no interest whatsoever in looking through them like just another number. Each of our clients is a person, and each of our highly skilled and experienced staff care deeply about helping people heal. Warm hands and healing hearts cannot stretch out to help up cold and empty shadows.

Gender Specific Treatment

We recognize that however one identifies along the gender spectrum, there are some very specific needs that men and women have that can best be addressed while working only within the same gender group.

We gear ourselves toward working with each gender separately on those particular issues; whether it’s:

  • self-esteem
  • team-building
  • building trust
  • self-image
  • or, most importantly, a true sense of oneself

young adult drug rehabWe have found that, in gender separated group settings, there will be much less posturing, and therefore, a far more open forum results. We want to ensure that our clients experience, along with compassion and care, a sense of safety that’s imperative for that journey.

It is our belief that with young adults and more mature clients, working with each gender separated from the other gives them an opportunity to be that much more open. We also guide our clients toward integrating and socializing with one another, which can be a key component to their living much healthier, stable, successful lives.

Life Skills & Career Building for Young Adults

Our goal for our young adult clients is a kind of success that goes far beyond that of just not using. We want to see them triumph across the board. We recognize that young adults and millennials today are having a harder time with basic life skills and may even be struggling with what other adults consider very basic tasks.

For this reason, we’ve built in a heavy emphasis on life skills into our young adult addiction treatment model. We believe that this kind of guidance and mentorship gives them that much better of a chance at achieving the greatest amount of success in the world.

We look at where our clients would like to head in terms of a career, we help them to develop passion and find their own direction. We do not judge, we guide. We are here to be of service to everyone who is both sure of the direction they want to travel, and maybe just doesn’t know where to start, or one who isn’t sure of much at all.

In working with young adults dealing with addiction, we have found that sometimes the ideas about which career they were sure of changes, so no matter what, we are here to help them in whichever way they would like to go.

When it comes to their career path, we are not there to make their choice. What we are there to do is do whatever we can to guide them toward what they choose to do, and help them understand, make a plan for, and then put into action whatever it is they may need to do to get there.

Transitioning In The Real World

Once our young adult clients have learned how to cope with life without drugs, we help them make the transition into ‘who they were meant to be’ through the accomplishment and implementation of the life-skills they’ve learned with us.

Young Adult Treatment Alo RecoveryWhile they are considering which direction they would like to head, be it toward their career or school, there comes a time to start putting all of the knowledge they’ve gained, with the groundwork that’s been laid at Alo House, into motion. Our young adults aren’t just thrown back into the world without any care or concern.

We help them integrate all of the aforementioned so they can transition as easily as possible, and with the best chances possible. We know that if our clients experience an especially jarring time in early sobriety, and feel like they were left without support, it can undo a great deal of work that they accomplished.

Our goal is for our clients to succeed in life, not just sobriety. In this regard, our young adult clients, who may not have any experience living in the real world in the way other clients may, could need an even greater form of support. And we are there to provide that for them. We are client-centered and care-focused and that’s from every angle, and doesn’t end upon discharge.

How to negotiate the world in all of its aspects is something to be learned. And young adults aren’t always as well-versed as our other, more mature clients are, so we make it a point to have this be part of our young adult addiction treatment model.

We do this through the formation of a very strong alumni program, and by providing a community and support network that each and every one of our clients is welcome to plug into, even once they have completed the program ‘proper.’

We will do whatever we can to give our young adults, to give all of our clients, the best chance to live happy, healthy, successful lives.

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